Any shows going on right now?

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Another entry xD I can't help it! I get so many pictures.

Note: He's not mine... Yes he's an Icelandic and I took this photo at the 2016 Equine Affaire just last weekend. :) I wish he were mine! He's such a sweetheart! He loves being scratched on the neck and loves cuddles! {His owners weren't around and I gave him a hug and spent a few minutes with him... Call me crazy! But he's so freaking *ADORABLE!*}


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Here is the first contest! The theme is close up. Basically, you have to have a photo that shows the horse up close, such as a face, leg, etc. {(See example below)}
||C O N T E S T R U L E S||
1. You may enter a maximum of 3 photos.
2. You may only enter photos you've taken or photos you've edited. If it is a photo you've edited, you must make sure that you are legally allowed to use. If you use a photo that wasn't your's that you've edited, make sure to include the original photo so I can see what changes you've made.
3. The photo{(s)} must be of a close up, meaning it can't contain the whole body.
4. You must enter the photo{(s)} by midnight {(12:00AM)} next Saturday, April 9th, 2016. Make sure to post your entries under the "Contest Entries" category.
5. If you read all the rules, add both #CloseUpContest1 and MarleyBoy to the top of your entry/entries. {(Marley is the name of the horse featured in the photo below.)}

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Hello all members, welcome to my community! Here is a place where you can show off your photography skills! Every week, there will be a new contest where you can enter up to 3 photos for a chance to win.
||G E N E R A L R U L E S||
1. Be kind to everyone, bullying will not be tolerated! You will get 2 warnings for bullying before you are banned, either temporarily or permanently.
2. Do not curse or use bad words. You will get 2 warnings before you are banned, either temporarily or permanently.
3. Please don't brag about winning competitions. It may make others feel bad if they didn't win.
4. Only the owners or mods can host a contest, and they must get Grace C.'S permission first.
5. Don't copy or steal other's ideas or photos.
||C O M P E T I T I O N R U L E S||
1. Do not enter more than 3 photos unless the rules for the contest say otherwise.
2. Only enter photos that you took OR that you are allowed to use and have edited.
3. Make sure none of your photos are inappropriate in any way, including language in captions and the images themselves.
4. Only use photos of horses unless the contest states otherwise.

I don't have horse, so I can't enter too many competitons, but I will try to enter ones where I can edit!
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