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Dear French students, (or should I say Guadeloupean students?)
I was researching videos on Haiti for my juniors French course (11th grade=premier) and I found this video.
There is a crazy coincidence, the first girl is from Sainte-Rose. 

Dear students from Sainte-Rose and Scituate, Welcome! I visited Sainte-Rose during Christmas vacation and was excited by the possibility to put my students in touch with students in Guadeloupe. Hopefully you will learn a bit about each other and who knows, maybe even stay in touch and practice your French and English with each other outside of "school required assignments." From what I can tell, my students are genuinely interested in French and I think they would enjoy the opportunity to speak with native French speakers, and be willing to be our conversation "partner" by speaking in Engilsh with you as well in exchange for an opportunity to converse in French.
Mme Lemnos and I will be asking you all to set up weekly conversation exchanges using which ever program you prefer, skype, gchat/google hang out / whatsapp etc.
Dear Scituate Students, please write here which software/ App you are more familiar with when it comes to chatting and voicecalls. I know that +Carly Longman prefers Skype because it allow you to type in the same screen at the same time when communicating orally proves challenging. (P.S< googlehangout has this option as well.)
Cheers everyone and enjoy!
Mr. Kovach
Also a question for the students of Sainte-Rose, perhaps you've heard of Martin Luther King, a prominent civil rights leader who helped pave the way to end segregation in America. Today we have a holiday to commemorate him. I'm aware that France has an entirely different history regarding racial inequality but I'd love to hear from you about whether or not you feel that you have similiar figures in French history regarding racial inequality. I'm not aware of any specific people. Thanks for sharing!

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Some shots and a video of our school.
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