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#RPG My #OSRIC (OSRIC/Adv. Dark and Deep/houserule mash-up) campaign is going really well! Great group, clever players, great questions from the newbies.

-Quirks: No mages, no clerics!

-Roster: Monk,Ranger,Druid,Bard,Thief (Ecclectic, but working so far!)

-I/GM learned: I like running outdoor adventures better than indoor, or maybe I need to learn better ways of running indoors.
--I really like mixing the ages (17-50some); it is bringing a good dynamic to this group.

I missed this...

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Howdy, Frog God Games the makers of Swords and Wizardry, Rappan Athuk, Tomb of Abysthor, and Slumbering Tsar just launched their official discord server last week. I would like to invite you to come join us to talk about Swords and Wizardry, 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Starfinder and other Frog God Game products.

We have voice channels for pickup game, lots of free content, and resources.

Step 1.) Go here
Step 2.) Click which is best for you Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, or Linux and download it.
Step 3.) Once it has finished downloading click the + button surrounded by a dotted circle on the left hand side
Step 4.) Click the Join a Server button and copy and paste this into it

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My wife was using the computer last night, so instead I caught up on some reading of the AD&D 1E DMG. Page 18 reads as if the classes were intended to go on their own epic quests.

As a game host, do you ever switch between party & solo campaigns? If so, how do you handle them? What are your thoughts on things like paladins questing for their mighty steed, or assassin spy missions?

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The S'rulyan Vault II kickstarter just reached its funding goal. If you love those old school dungeon maps, there's a week left to back:

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Am I the only one who tells new players that my OSRIC games while based on add 1e, is still not exactly the same so should expect some game play differences? Add to that my house rules and we have a game that while they should feel familiar with it, should not expect it to be exactly the same as they may have played elsewhere.

Hey folks, I'm curious. Is there a existing "data" dump of the OSRIC monsters and spells (with descriptions)? I'm thinking of writing an importer to be able to load the creatures into Fantasy Grounds so others can use them with the Ruleset I'm writing (AD&D Core).

I looked at the older OSRIC ruleset/modules thinking I could just import the data from those but seems those are missing a lot. There were only about 20-30 creatures in the data I found.

XML would make it easy to finger the data, get it in the right format and push into a FG module file.

I found a few spread sheets that had data but they did not include the pertinent description data.

Really hoping I can avoid a copy/paste from PDF method ;)

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