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Restaurants is also classified or distinguished in many alternative ways that. The first factors area unit typically the food itself (e.g. vegetarian, seafood, steak); the cooking (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French, Mexican, Thai) and/or the fashion of giving (e.g. tapas bar, a dish train, a taste building, a buffet building or a yum cha restaurant). On the far side this, restaurants could differentiate themselves on factors as well as speed (see quick food), formality, location, cost, service, or novelty themes (such as machine-controlled restaurants).

Restaurants vary from cheap and informal feeding or eating places job to folks operating near, with modest food served in straightforward settings at low costs, to costly institutions serving refined food and fine wines in a very formal setting. Within the former case, customers typically wear casual wear. Within the latter case, reckoning on culture and native traditions, customers would possibly wear semi-casual, semi-formal or formal wear. Typically, at mid- to pricy restaurants, customers sit at tables, their orders area unit taken by a waiter, UN agency brings the food once it's prepared. When consumption, the shoppers then pay the bill. In some restaurants, akin to geographic point cafeterias, there are not any waiters; the shoppers use trays, on that they place cold things that they choose from a cold instrumentality and hot things that they request from cooks, so they pay a cashier before they sit down. Another building approach that uses few waiters is that the buffet building. Customers serve food onto their own plates so pay at the top of the meal.

The motion public has long been catered for with ship's messes and railway building cars that area unit, in effect, motion restaurants. Several railways, the planet over, additionally cater for the requirements of travellers by providing railway refreshment rooms, a type of building, at railway stations. Within the 2000s, variety of motion restaurants, specifically designed for tourists, are created. These are often found on trams, boats, buses, etc.

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