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Hey guys! I'm selling both of these guys in a bundle for $6 !! They both have multiple art!
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I have a question: Am I allowed to sell my numpuff? I paid points when I adopted him, but I don't know if they were allowed to take money for him in the first place since he has all common traits.

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My new beb <3
I will doodle them a lot :00

+MustacheCat TheSalesKitty Are you allowed to resell paid MYO or adopted Numpuffs?

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Well this died...but i redesigned my numpuff choc fudge

this species is pretty dead, could i make some adoptables anyway?

This is pretty dead right now

Who should I contact about buying traits?

Will someone post adoptables?

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May these two be approved?
(I bought a legendary pack from someone lemme check
Ahhh found them +Polar Pepsi​)
1st one-
legendary tail
Supper rare add one
Rare ears

2nd one-
Legendary ears
Super rare add on
Common tail
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