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Jessi glares at the floor as Eyeless Jack drones on about her anorexia and near-death situations yet again. This happened quite often, and she was getting sick of it. Why couldn't they just understand she wanted to be dead? That it might be best for her? That she's just so ready to just... Give up?
"Look, Jessi," EJ sighs. "I'm going to be honest here. Slender is getting pretty annoyed, and so am I. I can't keep saving you if you're just going to kill yourself again. So how about a deal? Get your shit together for, say, two weeks. Eat regularly, try to get enough sleep and even take pills if you have to, train with Dylan, Masky, Toby, or BEN every day, get yourself to a healthy weight, and hang out with your friends more. If you aren't more energized, happier, and get better kills, then the next time you attempt suicide, I'll let you go. I swear."
Jessi's blue eyes widen slightly. Was he actually saying he would let her die if she agreed to this? Wow! She considers it for a moment. This could be her chance to end it all for good. To finally be rid of this life. But on the other hand, she would also be agreeing to eat and... Gain weight... Not to mention they would probably be on her about her cutting more. She rubs her arms uncomfortably. The sleeves of her jacket were covering the scars, but she knew they were there. They were always there...

Jessi walks down the street, hands in her pockets, crowbar and metal spike on her belt swinging slightly. She had told EJ she would need time to think about the deal he had offered. It's been almost two hours since he made the offer and she still wasn't sure what she wanted to do...

((Yay, rules. 1. Must be a member of the Creepypastas. 2. Male is preferred. 3. You can be a canon Pasta. 4. One-liners are allowed, just no "...". That is extremely annoying. 5. I swear to God, no matter how much that girl begs and pleads, do. Not. Kill. Jessi!))

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name: Jessica Venise
Creepypasta name: Jessi Jeopardy
age: 18
gender: female
species: human
weapons: sharp crowbar, huge metal spike
killing method: stab in heart or rip limbs off
disorders/phobias: glossophobia, agoraphobia, arachnophobia, equinophobia, autophobia, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, onychophagia, anorexia, congenital insensitivity to pain
likes: killing, darkness, fearful victims, silver, Dubstep, drawing
dislikes: everything about herself, most people
personality: very shy, can be sweet, will protect those she cares about without hesitation, tries to hide her feelings, insecure
bio: Jessi's parents were drug addicts that ignored and abused her but loved her older brother who always got her in trouble. She was extremely antisocial and almost never left her house. When she turned 10 she heard voices that bullied her and told her to die so she tried but didn't feel the razor and thought it wouldn't kill her, so gave up at suicide. Jessi then cut in attempt to feel something, but never felt it and became anorexic and avoided food. Over time she barely slept or ate and was covered in scars then decided to draw in her spare time. One day her brother found her art and showed their parents. They burned every piece of art she made and beat her. Tired of the abuse Jessi grabbed a crowbar and stabbed her parents and brother until they were no longer recognizable. Due to her stuttering, she found it difficult to sing. But Screech, another Creepypasta, gave her a singing voice as a gift.
crush: Ticci Toby

Okay I don't mean to sound like, well, a jerk, but this community could use a little work.
Like, it needs moderators and different categories to post in. Like:
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I sit on the floor in my room, crying. My tears drip down to my freshly-cut arms. The light of the full moon shines through my window, being the only light source in the room. I hug my knees close into my chest and sob into them, with voices screaming in my head. N-no one loves m-me... It's a-all pretend... T-Toby will never notice m-me... H-he probably d-doesn't even know I exist... I sob harder, hoping I don't wake anyone up.

(Please ask first. I do reposts.)

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hi im new my OC name is angel so yeah im a fan of jeff the killer and eyeless jack too so if anyone wants to Roleplay great 

It was a rainy day when my step father came in my room holding a baseball bat as he seen me on my laptop doing some work on a story I’m doing some work on a story I’m doing he comes over and throws it across the room and it starts to hit me.
Father: you fucking slut, I called your name and you decided to ignore me I think not!
Hit after hit he was yelling at me. All I can do it hope it stops soon because I can’t even feel my side were his hitting me. That’s when I hear the front door open and close there I known my mother is home and she no help. All she ever do is come home make something then leaves she never says hi or even help me. I don’t think anyone is? Is there anyone out there for me? Then I hear my bedroom door close I tried to stand up but couldn’t so I started too crawled to the bathroom to see how bad it is.
Angel: shit, that’s going to burse bad tomorrow.
I need to get out of here dammit I hate it here. To make it worse I get bulled at school in which I hope my laptop is okay I need that sighs. I wish I can be free from this hell. I might as well go to bed get ready for hell its self (YAY!!!) as I changed into my PJ’s I see someone at my tree that I climb on. I go to the window and open it.
Angel: who are you?
This person wavering a white hoodie with red stains in it along with jet raven black long hair and dressed pants with normally shoes and his face, no eyed less and carved smile from cheekbone to cheekbone 

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you're walking down the street, and on the other side you see these people you offended earlier. You think you can take them on, but the fight is 4 to 1. Instead of risking it. You hide in an abandoned ware house. They decide to leave you alone. You get curious. And you check the warehouse out. It has pieces of rusted metal everywhere. Then you see you're not alone. You see me

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Help me....I'm not crazy

You guys are fags.

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Name: Ken'ichi Takashi
Age: 18
Gender: male
Killing strategy: lures people into the forest/mountains and freezes them to death.
Pets: Rocco, a giant blue parrot type bird that is resistant to temperature.
Occupation: Zalgo's proxy
Likes: snow, ice, the color blue, cold things, small fuzzy things such as rabbits and mice.
Dislikes: fire, hot things(temperature wise) and getting touched.
Bio: he has ice powers and refuses to speak of his life before he became Zalgo's proxy, also wont talk about how he got his powers. He is a kickass fighter, and he can easily take down large opponents. He's loud and can have a lot to talk about. He's cool as ice and it takes a lot to piss him off. He's usually very bubbly and happy, but he can get strong fits of depression and he will lock him self into his room and not come out for a few days.
Weapon: he can create any weapon he wants out of ice, and he can manipulate the air around him self.
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