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Name : Shay
Age : 18
Powers : shimmer,fireballs,energy balls

stands next to my master and bows is there anything else you need

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Name Amber Trancy

Age 1600 (looks 16)

Gender female

Powers fire, and can summon weapons

Angle human or demon Demon


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Name: Matt Jeevas (real name Mail Jeevas)
Age: 16
Gender: male
Powers: none
Weapons: gun
Bio: it's a secret 

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name: my name is kiki
age: I'm 20 (but is really 2000 years old)
gender: I'm a female
power: I don't know. 
weapons: i don't have weapons...
angel human or demon: I'm an angel.....a light angel you could say i am.

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name: Aiden
age: 17
gender: male
power: manipulation of base elements
weapons: anything
angel human or demon: dark angel

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Name: shard
Age: 15
Gender: male
Race: nephilim
Powers:devil/angel trigger and control of a weapon called quicksilver
Weapons: quicksilver, two daggers that look alike, a demonic sword bound to my blood, and many scythes
Angel, human, demon: half angel half demon
Bio: the child of Diablo The Lord of terror and auriel the archangel of hope capable of bending a dimension known as limbo into parts of earth for a limited amount of time or launching his enemies into the air with a simple shout he never knew who either of his parents were due to being cast out of heaven and sealed on earth
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 power: she can see thangs that normal humans can not
 weapons: nun
 angel human or demon: human

walking all alone sees a ghost of a old man but egnors him and keeps walking
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