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I guess Linux users must be more passionate about Linux rather than being passionate against Microsoft. Just like Linus Torvalds says, I guess it's better to have a "passion for something" than having a "passion against something". I have seen that generally Linux guys talk more about Microsoft than about Linux. So, what I'm saying is that, if you're passionate about Linux and you don't like Microsoft, why waste time talking about it? Use that time to work more on Linux. May be learn some bash and have fun! :)

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Open Source vs Free Software.
I agree to what Eric Raymond says.

Richard Stallman defines 4 types of software freedoms and one of them is the freedom to copy and distribute software. He also says that "free" doesn't mean "free of cost" but "freedom" ("free" as in "freedom" and not as in "free beer").
So according to the so-called "freedom" defined by RMS, you can charge money for the software that you make, but you should give the user the freedom to copy and distribute it to anybody. So if you sell your software for a price and if the user takes copies of it and gives them to some other people, you can't call him a pirate. He's simply "enjoying" his "freedom" (Who are you to question his freedom?!).
This really doesn't make sense to me.
I wonder if he has the same opinion about movies and other intellectual properties too!
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