Working on re-link of Jon Kerridge content to fix broken links.

Fresh doc.s upload last nite & is also in our GitHub repo. Looks like Groovy 2.4.8 is out, so may try that before next update cycle. Plenty to do. Stay tuned.

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V2.0 documentation coming along quite nicely. If you need a preview look here:

V2.0 of GPars documentation coming along quite nicely. Russel's hard@work on code now too.

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Am starting to look into preparing our GPars Website for the next release. This documentation was originally posted on a cloud foundry host that offered dynamic doc generation
beyond static html resources, but when the documentation was moved to host, it did not have needed support hence some of our links on no longer work.

Am hoping to do more cleanup now and possibly host these doc.s again possibly as an additional website. Domain name to be decided, but something like
regret i cannot contribute to logic improvements beyond doc.s & maybe writing some tests.
thx, jim

want to divide static GPars resources like diff vers of javadocs APIs, *.jars OfEach rel.etc into a diff GitHub repo.2 avoid upload 4 each rel.

working to restore missing links to several pieces of site.

During the move, some links were broken within our doc.s and we are working to restore those soon. Thanx for your understanding.

We have had to move GPars documents to website for the moment. Please look there for more news and info.

our server is out of action for the time being. We  are working to establish a viable alternative. Will advise here soon.
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