Really would like to know how things are coming along.

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Hey all! Apologies that I've let this community lapse for so long. I've been updating on GWO's FB page and in the Kickstarter itself, but I completely forgot about the G+ Community! 

Currently, the art requests have been sent to Melissa, the layout to Jacob, and I am working on the adventure for those backers who opted for it. I'll do a better job of keeping things updated in the future.

Also, for any interested, the new GWO website is live with info on Time Heroes and a new location for the blog: 

Would you be able to give us a quick update on how things are going?

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This video is about "mascot". 
Please forgive, that it is a topic that is a little different from the "hero". 
However, "mascot", "Hero" also should have in common as idols. 
Please refer to this.

The first half of Time Heroes was edited and today I had a chance to finish the suggested revisions. Moving on to the second half of the book tomorrow, doing my own readthrough and making sure everything is kosher prior to sending it on to Mitch to edit.

No Google+ hangout to huddle together, watching the KS end?

Well that's it, the project is funded. Now it's time to get everything put together in an official fashion. Thanks for all of your support in this, everyone!

19 minutes left, guys. Just about done!

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ONLY 48 HOURS REMAIN to back the Time Heroes Kickstarter. Yes, the PDF WILL be available to purchase online, but if you're interested in a physical copy, this is the only guaranteed chance to get your hands on one. In today's update I thank everyone for their support and state how honored I am that my first RPG project has come this far.

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14 hours left in the Time Heroes Kickstarter campaign. I've decided to lower the cartoon stunts PDF stretch goal from $4,500 to $4,000. This means that to unlock a bunch of zany stunts (all of which should be compatible with Fate Core except possibly the Magic- and Future Tech-based ones), the campaign only needs another $445. If you've been on the fence, now's the time to dive in. Time's running out!
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