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Never gonna give you up: why you need a new website

Now tell me, would saying goodbye to your website feel like saying goodbye to an old (and expensive) friend?

The thing is, if you’ve spent years patching up old bugs and quirks, it can be hard to trade everything in for something shiny and new.

Few businesses can really afford this kind of emotional attachment, especially in the digital market where playing catch up isn’t easy.

So is it time for a redesign? Let’s find out!

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Advice we could all use- How to be better writers on our blogs: #blogging #writing

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The #key to #establishing and #nurturing successful #relationships with your #customers on #socialmedia starts by building meaningful and lasting #connections. So how exactly is this done? Check out this helpful #article listing 7 #toptips for creating #connections with your #targetaudience across multiple #socialmediaplatforms. What do you think? Are there any others you would add?

Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
Whenever I try to create new facebook a/c it has been blocked. They say to add mobile no. for privacy setting while I am unable to add this.
Please advice...

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Job Vacancies in Qatar

Clinical Nurses - All Specialties
Clinical Nurse Educator - Women's Services - Urgent Care/Gynecology
Manager - Accounts Receivable and Credit

Liaison - International Patients
Clinical Nurse - Transfusion Safety
Nurse Specialist – Transfusion Safety
Technologist - Library
Surgical Hospitalist
Director - Nursing & Midwifery
Specialist Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Educator
Laboratory Assistant
Manager - Operations and Maintenance
Planning Manager
Specialist - Quality and Safety
Technologist - Anesthesiology
Pediatric Neurology Locum Tenens Physicians
Surgical Neurophysiologist Allied
Administrator - SQL Database Information Technology
Clinical Nurse - Diagnostic Imaging Nursing and Nurse Practitioners
Psychotherapist / Psychologist Human Resources
Specialist - Poison Control Center (Clinical Pharmacist)
Supervisor - Pharmacy Technicians
Clinical Nurse Leader - Capacity Management
Director - Marketing and Branding
Attending Physician - Maternal and Fetal Medicine

Also a lot of other jobs

Our Fees : 80$ (When you sign the agreement) + One Month Total Salary ( As a commission) when you get the job offer.

You can pay through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If you are interested contact us

Contact us :

Mr. Hussam Mohammad ( Golden Chances Company) | Professional Profile | LinkedIn
Mr. Hussam Mohammad ( Golden Chances Company) | Professional Profile | LinkedIn

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