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CLEAN ENT.... MEAN- Morally pure; virtuous: led a clean life. ONE LOVE ENT..... Mean- To have an intense emotional attachment to: loves his house. C.E.O. Domiko Hickman…………
So Fresh, So Clean Detailing Company, Cleaning Company...
Domiko L Hickman
1508 East Hudson St.
Columbus, Ohio 43211
Self Made %%$$

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When it comes to your #socialmedia #goals, what’s more important - #customerloyalty or #brandawareness? Check out this #interesting and #insightful #report released last month and find out which one other #businesses consider their #top social media goal.

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Introducing the most awaited and desired feature of SocialPilot:
Social Media Analytics! :D
Schedule | Share | Analyze
#socialmedianalytics #analytics #scheduling #SocialPilot

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Did you know that created website – it’s just a beginning of the work? Its promotion is a necessity: any website can’t be considered fully-realized without visitors. Any website needs support in order to fully perform its functions:


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Are you using the Facebook Pixel correctly?

All the work you do researching and setting up a new Facebook ad campaign can be worthless if you aren’t tracking the results and then optimising the campaign.

If you don’t install the correct tracking then you’re flying blind. You won’t know if your campaign is delivering the desired results and you won’t be able to track your ROI down to the penny.

New article on SMT about how to setup the Facebook Pixel in your ads manager, how to install it on your website and how to create custom website audiences.

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Here is another of these lists. I had to post it as I found the statistics of the different platforms very interesting. I still do not think there is a set thing that anyone should do; however there do seem to be better results with some. Compare this to what you do each day & see what you think.

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Alpha Test Help/Feedback Please 5 mins- Social Proof
Calling on all those who can bring blunt commentary on a new tool we are building.

Please use the tool, signup and try it out

The purpose of this tool is for website owners to have a badge that shows their real time total engagement across 3 social platforms.

If you would please take a moment and try using the tool and give feedback on;

1. General understanding of the intent of the tool (value prop)
2. Ease of use to get started.
3. Feedback on data presentation.
4. Feedback on usefulness.

PS. Re: debate social proof/social engagement. If we want to discuss that, then let's put it in context of how a tool like this could serve an average website owner.

(Not All Features Are Developed) like for instance a action/follower ratio. - Also a end game has not yet been decided for this either, our first goal is user adoption)

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How to Create a Survey for your Business Fast & Easy

Every person with a smartphone at hand has the power to make or break a brand.

Social media, blogs, websites, forums, online communities…these are some of the channels any of us can use to speak our voice, state our opinions on brands, products and services.

So, brands are aware of this situation and respect and fear the all powerful consumer, that’s why they spend a significant amount of money and time into researching what their audience wants.

And we should do the same.

#smallbiz #marketing #branding #feedback #qatesting


I have a question about Twitter and Facebook data (from within their dashboards and exports); does anyone know if twitter and facebook engagement data counts engagement that is done through engagement platforms such as Hootsuite, Tweekdeck and all other smaller tools?

I have recently been told they do not which has shocked me a little and made me conscious about data providers and how they pull their data. If you know the answer I would really love to hear from you!

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For many years, the marketing norm has been to broadcast as wide as possible in the hope of reaching the right audience. But now social, and the increased amount of data available, has caused a significant shift in how we should approach and utilize outreach functions.

So how do you do it? How do you find the relevant message amidst the noise, that one key trigger that will allow you to reach the most targeted, relevant audience at just the right time?

One of the key things to keep in mind is that data translation is often not as complex as you might think – sure, it takes time and research to find the right triggers, but once located, there may actually be an easy way to action them, as highlighted by two recent studies published by Twitter and Facebook respectively...
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