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Sometimes the best tips are what NOT to do, especially when it comes to social. 
5 Things to Never Do on Google+
Especially number 5!

We all know that every social network is different. Each network has it's own set of unspoken bylaws and they aren't always 100% obvious.

In this post I list the 5 things that I believe to be the most crucial things to avoid if you're trying to build a highly engaged following on Google+.

Read the full post here:

For those who like the tl;dr version:
1. Link dumping (a.k.a. link littering)
2. Ignore Community guidelines
3. Post the exact same thing to multiple communities
4. Talk Google+ "doom and gloom"
5. Use the "also send email to" feature (unwisely)

Regarding that last one, I've cited a few posts by my friends +Stephan Hovnanian, +Mike Allton, and +Daniel Futerman. They've outlined some very savvy ways of utilizing the "Also send email..." feature without being a spammer.

At the end of the day-- use Google+ how you want. But if you're trying to build a highly engaged audience, these 5 things are a great set of guides.

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If you've got it in you send +BloombergQuint your CV.

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Hey guys!!!

Hope all are well ... just looking for advice really. I'm thinking of going freelance and wondered if anyone else has gone down that route and if they had any advice.

Currently working on my website: so if you have any feedback that would also be amazing!!

Thanks in advance,

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Here are some useful thoughts from customer insight analysis we have found and use with our clients. They should provide useful stimulus for defining tactics with your customers.

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+Toon Explainers 87% Of Marketers Use Video
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Take a listen as +VaynerMedia's +Gary Vaynerchuk lays the hammer down on #Twitter employees themselves and gives them the unvarnished truth as to how the platform can regain market share in this ever-increasingly competitive social media climate.
This is the interview I've been waiting some time for, and the truth the company needed to hear.
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