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A Psychos Love

Tristan (2nd Pic) was a sophomore in college. He lived in a dorm for his college life and would occasionally attend campus parties. I didn't really interact with much people, but there was one party that changed my life..not for the better.

It was a party I met [Y/N] (1st pic) at. You approached me and flirted a bit. As a kind gesture, I went along with it. What was originally just not being rude turned into me falling right into you. We went out on several dates, we've kissed. We've even done it once. After sometime, you've been to pestering. Calls and texts every other minute, always asking where I was, what I was doing. If I told you, you'd even come to where I was and pick me up even if I didn't ask. It got to the point where I felt you were a bit too weird..and crazy. I broke up with you.

You didn't take the break up well. You'd lash out at random times, you stalked me via social media, took pictures of me without me knowing, made a shrine of me in your apartment... Holiday break came and my dorm mate left for the holidays. I was packing to go, being the only one left in the entire dorm building. As I finish packing one last suitcase, I turn around and jumps back, as I see you standing there. You sharply hit a metal pipe over my head, instantly knocking me out for some hours. As I wake up, I find myself in your apartment, tied up and restricted

"Wh-what do you think you're doing?! Let me go now!"

(I'm sub, you're dom.)
(You're first picture.)
(Don't be like a freak exactly, especially if this turns into a sex're just a psycho obsessed and won't take no for an answer.)
(Let us have fun. Don't have one worded responses however.)
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[] This is a small story! []

Uke or Seme needed, Uke is Angle and Seme is Demon

~Pictures 1-5 is the Angle's vessel, sword, wings, and angle dismissing symbol
~Pictures 6-12 is the Demon's vessel, demon colored eyes and crossroads/ingredients

Is you watch Supernatural it will help you out some. If not you'll still be ok. If you know Supernatural this will NOT be a supernatural rp. Not all information is true in the show. i DO NOT take credit for any of the information posted below. if in bold that means it's from my eyes, is slanted it's from the show/website and if slanted and bold it means it's mixed with what i see and the website/show.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
[] I n F o R m A t I o N []

D e M o N ~ i n F o R m A t I o N

Demons are complete opposite from demons and are more common. Less dangerous in some ways as well. They are created from human souls that have endured extensive torture in Hell by Satan and other demons: making them excessively evil and cruel. Wanting revenge on human souls. Demons do not remember anything from there past life.

Similar to Angels, they require a Vessel to walk the Earth, though are able to roam in their smoke form.

White-eyed demons were a very powerful group of demons, known for being among the oldest and strongest demons in all of Hell together.

They were of such strength that while they could not kill angels with their own power, they could overpower them with ease

Demons are a lot easier to get rid of or trap than Angels: Demons can be exercised and trapped in a certain semantic sign. They can only escape the symbol if broken in some way.

Demons tend to make lots of deals. Depending on what kind of demons there are.

There are different types of demons including: White eyed, Black eyed, dealers and more.

Black eyed demons are the most common and less strongest while White eyes are rare but most strongly. Dealers/cross road remons are weak but easy in tricking mortals/humans.

Crossroad demons are demons tasked with "buying" souls for Hell through deals with humans. These deals consist of the demon granting the human's wish in exchange for ownership over that person's soul, resulting in the person dying and going to Hell to be transformed into a demon upon death. Crossroad demons are named as such because they in particular can be summoned at crossroads by humans seeking to make deals.

Crossroad demons can be summoned by: a container with a picture of the human who wishes to summon the demon, cat bone or milk from a black cow and graveyard dirt. At times yellow flowers need to be planted around the crossroad. Once the box is filled it must be buried and the human must call out. Once in a deal the deal cannot be broken and is usually sealed with sex or a kiss

A n G e L ~ i N f O r M a T i O N

Angel language: Enochian in heaven

Angels are powerful celestial beings of light created by God to serve as his attendants and messengers, but also as his soldiers and warriors in his war against Satan and his demons. They are native to Heaven and are imbued with considerable power.

Angels can be banished or dismissed from a certain amount of time from a location. It will not harm the angle, only dismisses them. It also doesn't hurt the vessel that the angle is currently using. There wings will also lost for that certain amount of time so they cannot fly back. It can not be stopped once used. It will only work temporarily unless carved into he or she's chest.

Angel wings are very important, they affect their strength and abilities. They are only show when an angle is killed. They are stretched out behind the Angel's vessel.

ONLY Angels can harm other Angels. There vessel can be harmed and damaged, including blood and broken bones.

Angels can ONLY die or be killed by another angle using a certain sword/spear that all Angels carry on them.

Once an Angel is sent to earth they can not return to heaven unless brought back by the god himself

If an angel is left in a vessel for a long time they will become more human. They will still have all their powers and even wings but sicknesses, illnesses and other things can still happen to them. They just can't die
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
*[] Information on Gabriel (Johnson) []

*Gabriel was an angel. He was sent down onto earth to protect a certain family that could have been very important to heaven. But once his mission was over, he was never picked up and returned to heaven. Once an angel is sent to earth they can not be brought back to heaven unless brought back by god himself. Once Cabe realized he was never going back he tried to live a normal life on earth again. He had lived on earth before he became an angel. Cabe was torn when his boss, the person he looked up to never came for him. But since he wasn't going back anytime soon he stayed on earth and stayed loyal to his god. He did live a normal life but he also had all his powers and even his wings. They were never taken from him neither was his sword. He doesn't know any other angels currently, he had seen some from above a few times by they were always picked up afterward. There had even been a time when one of his brothers/friends from heaven tried to take him with them, but he was dropped and left alone once more. He soon gave up on trying to go back. He would wait till god decided to take him back again. He even tried to figure out of there was something he didn't finish and therefore he wasn't allowed to return.

Gabriel had gotten a job once he quit his vessels job. He had learned that his vessels family had been killed not to long ago and so had his vessel. Each of the family members had taken a pill to kill themselves for some unknown reason. When Cabe took the vessels body the vessel died. So really Cabe was his "own" person. His vessel had blonde hair when he got him along with blue eyes. But over time he had realized that he had gotten brown hair like he did when he was a human himself. He had also gotten brown hair from when he was a human. He didn't change much after that, he really didn't age either since he was in a vessel and pretty much the vessel was dead and frozen in time.

Cabe had been left on earth for about 4 years now. he lives in a small home and works at a retail store in the mall. He enjoys his life, it's nothing like what he was use to but he wasn't complaining.

Cabe was about 5,6 and had a small frame. He as skinny since angel's don't need to eat at all. He did eat at times to seem normal, but when on his own he doesn't bother. Cabe also has dark brown shaggy hair and dark brown eyes. He is around 22 years old, well his vessel is. he has pretty bad acne but he doesn't mind really. It shows that he is more human.

Cabe has a few friends but non are really close to him, over the years he had convinced people that he had been locked away most of his life, so with his friends and boss they tough him things that he didn't know or didn't remember from being away from earth so long. he even has a phone now and pretty much is a human. Cabe doesn't know his real birthday, but he uses his vessels to say that is his. His birthday is 9/15/1994.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
*[] Information on Daeva (Moore) []

*Daeva was a demon. He had taken a vessel from a biker in a gang. a lot of his demon friends had done the same thing had had taken the rest of the gang up. Daeva and his friends didn't plan on killing humans like they were told to do. The actually wanted to live a life, and when they found the gang they decided to take that life seeing it that it fit them well. If they were threatened by anyone they would kidnap them and torture them to death. They still where demons so they were not the nicest people on earth when it came to hurting ones they loved or cared for. Daeva and his gang were like brothers to each other, well there was one girl who was more boyish than girlish but they treated her the same as everyone else in the gang/family.

Daeva and most of the men/woman in the gang were around 23-24. They were all different races and all different personalities. For example Daeva had black hair with bright blue eyes and pale skin with a skinny yet strong frame. While his best friend Aaron had blonde hair and brown eyes and was super tan. They all picked a vessel that they thought fit them. Demons in the group where all different kinds including White and Black eyes and crossroads. Daeva himself was a (Choose witch demon).

*[] The next to paragraphs can go either way, no matter if you're Angel or demon i will let you choose. There can be #1 which is them choosing to be semi good gang or a terrible gang which will be #2 []*

Yes Daeva was in a gang but he to had a job, they were not a gang known for stealing things and committing murders. yet they did both, without anyone knowing these things they where never looked at wrong for crimes. Daeva had a nice job and most of the other gang members did as well. They did all have jobs but they all lived together in a cabin in the treeline in the forest not to far away from the forest

Daeva and Gabe even knew each other. Well not well that is. Gabe worked at a retail place that Daeva and his gang shopped at most of the time, so they would say hello to each other. Neither of the two knew what each other where, but both had an odd feeling between each other. They both even had a crush on each other and both wanted to get to know each other more

Daeva's gang were terrible people/demons. They were know for the biggest crimes around. Daeva and his gang would go around snatching people off the roads. they would rape, and kill or rape and beat there victims for life, most of the time it lead to death.

Gabe and Daeva do not know each other, they had seen each other around and Daeva has had a plan to try and catch Gabe for the longest time, but he has an odd feeling it won't go as planned
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
*[] Starter for #1 []

*Gabe sat at the counter he normally worked at, Daeva had came to try and talk to Cabe to try and get to know him today. He didn't know why but he was nervous and unsure what to say

*[] Starter for #2 []*

Gabe was walking down the street, he had just gotten off of work and it was around 8pm. he had his hands in his pockets as Daeva was watching him planning to get him sooner or later
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


[x] 4-25 lines [x]
4 being the lowest 25 the highest

[x] 3rd person only [x]

[x] Actions in bold [x]

[x] Pp only [x]

[x] I will drop if you get lazy [x]

[x] Don't control my person [x]

[x] I will NOT drop without warning [x]

[x] No text talk, if you have a question to ask please put them in either (), {}, [], //\\ or <>. [x]

[x] If the rp gets boring and you want to spice it up feel free to just ask in the five above [x]

~WhAt I dO~

[x] Age Play [x]

[x] Crossdressing [x]

[x] Mpreg [x]
When males can become pregnant

[x] Master x Slave [x]

[x] Smut [x]

[x] Fluff [x]


~RoLeS I pLaY~

[x] Seme [x]

[x] Uke [x]

[x] Seke [x]

~TiNgS i DoN't Do~

[x] Father x Son [x]

[x] Son x Mother [x]

[x] Brother x Sister [x]

[x] Straight Rp's [x]

[x] Piss, Puke, Human waste etc [x]

[x] Animal abuse [x]

[x] Animal rape [x]

*NO you can't change names, i'm sorry but i will let you make either any way you want. Like personality wise. i don't let you change names, because i can't remember odd long ones*

I need to know, if your Uke (Gabriel) or Seme (Daeva).
I also need to know if you want #1 or #2
and say “Blue Blue knees” if you have read all this was

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{{{{{ Im looking for really good Semes to do a long term smut Rp with, I don't play weak Ukes unless you need me to, and i can right up to 10+ lines if im not left in a "what do i do now" situation. I'm open to ideas for the rp, and what ever you want to had to keep the Rp going.}}}}

(( Tel me witch one you want a starter for in your comment. If i left out something you want to try let me know))
Brother X Brother
Father X son
Student X student
Boyfriend X boyfriend
Master X Slave
Master X Demon
Demon X Human
Human X Demon
Vampire X Werewolf
Werewolf X Vampire
On the LEFT is you on the RIGHT is me

#2 No one liners {{I do 10+ but if need be i will allow less as long as its not just one line}}
#3 Have FUN {{ You free to add any twist to the Rp as long as it moves along with the way of the Rp}}

{{{Place only comment if you want to do the Rp}}}

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{{_Any one want to do a long term smutty Roll-play with me I'm looking good Semes that will be rough and mean in bead but not abusive. I will do starters for anything you see below, or if you have an idea we can do that too_}}

The left is your the right is me

Father x Son
Master x Slave
Slave X Master --> I will explain this one
Were wolf x Vampire // These to are harder to come up with for me but i will try
Vampire x Were wolf//
Brother x Brother
Demon x Human
Human x Demon
Student x Student
Teacher x student
Boy friend x Boy friend {{the normal stuff}}
[[i will not do week Ukes unless you tell me you would rather have one

/// RULES \\\
(1).No one liners
(2).Full sentience
(3).SEME needed
(4). Pleas don't leave the Rp with out telling me
(5) Have FUN~

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A boy with dark brown almost black hair slowly blinked open his bright green eyes. His eyes were a bit hazy as he groaned a bit in discomfort when he tried to move. When he went to try to move his arms to rub his eyes he frowned a bit in confusion when he realized he couldnt move them. He blinked a bit to clear hus blurry vision from hus sleep and followed his arms, which he just realized where tied above his head to a headboard of a bed. His eyes widened once his mind registered he was tied up and panick took over him as he tried to struggle to get loose. After a bit when he relaized he couldnt get loose that easily and the knot was tied to tight for him undo and finially took in his surroundings. He was in what looked like a large bedroom with elegant furniture that looked to be pretty expensive and was laying on a large bed. He could feel the silk sheets under his skin which just made him frown more in confusion as to why he was in a place like this. He also noticed he was wearing clothes he never seen before, a pair of tight fitting green boxers and a large white t-shirt that was huge on him, it fell off hus shoulders but was currently bunched up with the way he was laying to show his belly. His small 5'2" foot frame shook in fear as he held back tears as his mind swirled with what had happened. The last thing he had remember was......his face paled when the memories came back to him. He had been sold to someone. He couldn't remember who but he rememberd he was living on the streets after getting kicked out of hus apartment building since it was getting torn down and he coukdnt find another pace to live so he was stuck on the streets until he could find a place. Then he remembered some guys jumping him at night and knocking him out and he woke up to being in a cage in only a t-shirt. He remember being terrified at the hungry looks he received from people looking at him through the cage. He tried to get away but it had been no use. Most of it was a blur but he remembered other being sold then when it was his turn he had just curled up on himself trying to block things out hoping it was just a bad dream. Then he heard a man yelling he was sold and felt hands grab and wrestle him out of the cage. He fought back with everything he had but again he ended up being knocked out. That was the last he remember before waking up on the bed. A quiet whimper slipped past his lips and a few tears fell down his cheek as his body shook more. Not knowing what to expect from the person who bought him but he hopped that it wouldnt be bad, though his hopes werent high with how he was tied up.

((My charecters name is Casey
- Seme needed, your charecter doesnt have to be human
- 2+ sentences please
- No text talk))

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Salem was a runaway that fled his first master after his inner wolf attacked him. Sinking his teeth into the man's leg then running as far and as fast as he could possibly go. He barely made it out alive, fearing for his life and made his way for the woods where he intended to stay hidden. But unbeknownst to him, the auction house he was sold from had implanted a tracker into his body so even though he long since shed his collar, the recovery team was quickly closing in on him.

It was late at night amidst a raging storm and Salem was forced to flee from his shelter in a rocky alcove. Armed men were right behind him, closing in on his trail. The pounding of their boots on the muddy terrain and the clicking of their gear rustling together. He was terrified and running out of options as well as energy from days of fleeing and running for his life. He was afraid of what would happen if he was taken back to the society. What will become of him as punishment for his actions even though he was rightly justified in them. It didn't stop the fear from overwhelming him.

The recovery team ran him right to an opening and he was surrounded. Trapped on all sides and even more hopeless then before. He growled at the men that moved near him, drawing back away and watching their movements closely. But he wasn't fast enough. A flash of lightning and the rolling of thunder shook the ground and pain punctured Salem's back. His golden eyes wide with fear as one of the me fired his gun. He felt an overwhelming tiredness. His legs buckled, sending him to his knees and his body went numb. He shivered in the cold and wet of the night. The rain pelting his skin. His eyes blinked slowly, eyelids growing heavier with each passing second u til he was left in darkness.

When Salem awoke, he was slow to coming to, his golden eyes stung by the intense bright fluorescent lights and his nostrils burning from the suffocating sterile scent of a medical facility. He blinked his bleary eyes until they could come into focus and survey his surroundings. Finding himself restrained on a table and his clothes taken from him. His body was cleaned of the mudd and filth that had covered him from his attempt for freedom. Even so, his lower half was covered by a sheet out of modesty. He recognized the room from small glimpses he's had in the past. This was a quarantine all runaway pet's were placed in. They were examined thoroughly in every way possible and closely monitored to decide rather they were fit to be put back in the auction for a new master.

To Salem, this room meant many bad things. If pets didn't meet the required standard it would lead to termination or worse, rehabilitation. Rehabilitation was an intense retraining of a pet, turning them into a mindless drone that would follow their master's every whim. For a shifter like Salem whose inner wolf was still wild and untamed, it could mean a very slow and painful madness. He was even more afraid then before to the point his entire body was shaking. He tested the restraints in an attempt for freedom when he heard the click of the automatic doors being unlocked with a keycard and opening. A voice entered the room, a doctor that oversaw this section of the Society.

"Try as you might, there's no way you'll escape those bindings Salem."

The man spoke as he approached the table and entered Salem's field of vision.

Strict sometimes Harsh Seme needed
10+ lines please
Please be descriptive and describe your character in the comments below in the first response.
Proper spelling and grammar
Proper punctuation
No text talk
Must follow all rules.
Any hardcore kink is allowed such as Bondage, BDSM, piercings, body modifications, tattoos, Medical kink, scarification, blood play, e-stim, sexual torture, physical/mental torture, hardcore pet training, rape, drugs, psychological torture, humiliation, pet play, etc
No daddy kinks, scat, vore or excretory bodily fluids
If you have read all the rules and roleplay and understand them, and want a pp, please write "Bad Dogs Deserve To Be Punished" in the comments below.
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Brutality at Its Finest:
The King's AU

[[Scifi Mpreg Yaoi]]

It was the year of 5678 when the "Order" was placed into action. The people were categorized by their mental and physical condition. There are four categories, five including the "Kindergarten", and were placed in different sections of the "Palence".

The highest class was Class Zero, aka the Prolites. This of what are known as White Alphas, who were the smartest, intellectual people and the ones who run the Order. This included doctors, politicans, law enforcement and justice, and the scientist. The Priests were the highest members of this class.

Then there is Class One, aka the Adores. This class consisted of the most beautiful people with the highest quality genes. No one of any other category, except the Prolights, was allowed to mate with them. They were given the most precious and luxiourious things and we pampered to their needs.

Class Two (the Leos) and Class Three (the Leons) were the middle class. They were separated by looks, intelligence, and health conditions. They could mate with one another if given premission by a Priest of the Prolights.

Class Three consisted of the ill. Really, it was a hospital and was more often refered as the Clinic. Not many had to stay in this class. Those who could not be cured were experimented on by the scientists.

Then there was the Kindergarten. All children who were two months to thirteen were given to the Kindergarten until they could be placed into a category.

Lastly, there was the Loveless. They were the criminals, terminally ill, and failed experiments. Most, though, were merely people who defied the Order and challenged their authority. They were all branded with a hot iron. The brand was of the capital Omega symbol. It signified their impurity.

Very rarely, one could be brought out of Loveless Class if a Prolight or a Adore saw use for them.

The King, Lord [Y/N], was the leader of the Palance. The dictator. Even the Prolites bowed down to him. He was feared, adored, and praised by his people while resented and hated by the Loveless.

Thirteen years ago, Lord [Y/N], had been taking a look at some of the most important projects that the most elite scientists were developing. All of these were impressive and earned his approval, but there was one that caught his interest. Professor Nori Itiyama was busy doing a voice test on Experiment 475T01, aka Toi. He was made in an special incubator made to serve as an artificial womb. He genes were tampered with, since Nori's goal was make the world's perfect Prolite woman. Only, he was a failure.

He was a boy. Not a girl. Plus, his hair was brown, a colour that was seen as ugly and disgusting. Something a Prolite, especially a Prolite Woman, would never be tolerated with. They did discover that he had a womb anx could easily give birth, do to his anus was stretchy a flexible like a cervix and vagina. Still, he was a failure. So, they just used him for more experiments and tried to see if they could fix his "deformities". But, none of them workex. Gender Reasignment Surgery failed, since his body simply morphed back into a male's body. It was extremely painful for him as well, not that anyone cared. And dying his hair did nothing, since no dye would stick to his hair for more than a few hours and hia hair was resistant to bleach.

Still, Lord [Y/N] wanted to see for himself. He came into the room and was captivated by the boy's beautiful voice as he sang Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright. It was was an extremely old song, sure, but some of the old songs had came back into style among the young children. As Toi sang, Lord [Y/N] stared at him and smiled softly. Nori looked at Lord [Y/N] before kneeling. Toi turned around to see who it was. He then bows as well, getting on his knees and leaning down until his nose touched the ground. It was necessary, since the lower you were in the caste system you were, the lower you had to be to the ground in the presance of The King.

Lord [Y/N] touched Toi's shoulder, allowing him to sit back up. He then forced him to look him in the eyes. His beautiful blue eyes were bright and sparkled like no other. His skin was white, but not pale. Much like a beautiful pearl. His lips were pink and soft, like a rose petal. His nose was small and pointed slightly, but not too small or pointed. It was perfect. He was still tol young, though. The boy was growing rapidly, but was still only about the size and maturity of a six year old. He stood back up and left. He then talked to his secretary, Miss Joël.

Lord [Y/N]: Get me his records and documents. I want to know everything about him. When he reaches the maturity of an eighteen year old, I want him. Understood?

She nods.

Miss Joël: Yes, my lord.

Three years pass. Lord [Y/N] was filling out some paperwork when Miss Joël enter his office, looking nervous. She bows.

Miss Joël: Forgive me for interupting, my lord, but I have urgent news...

Lord [Y/N]: What is it?

He looks at her with irritation. She flinches, sweating a bit.

Miss Joël: I-I just received word that Experiment 475T01 has matured completely... but he has also been sent out into the Outlands a few months ago. Professor Emily Mortak claimed to have had no documents stating otherwise and-

He stands up, slamming his hands down on his desk and bellowed.

Lord [Y/N]: Have her executed and find the boy!!! Now!!!

She runs out of the room and does as she's told. Meanwhile, Toi was serving soup to the young children and their mothers at a small shack, which was a kitchen. He was as beautiful as ever, his hips widened and his large butt perfectly round and soft. His waist was perfect as well, giving him a slight hourglass figure, though his chest was still flat. His long hair came past his shoulder blades and was now pink. This was due to the special chemical in his body that replaced his estrogen. It was called Bristitone, which was a stronger version of Estrogen and also acted like an aphrodisiac. In large amounts, it caused hair to turn pink. His large, yellow sweater was a bit too big for him and was filthy. His black leggings were the same way.

Lord [Y/N] sat down at his desk and sighed in anger. His wife entered the room and brought him some cookies she baked. He internally grimaced, since he knew she was a tereible cook, but smiled and kissed her cheek. He loved her, but was disappointed that she couldn't bear children. She already knew about his plans for Toi, wanting him to have many children for him and his wife and for him to be his personal sex toy when his wife wasn't in the mood, and supported the idea. She also pitched the idea to make him be a maid for them as well, which he agreed. She sits in his lap and pecked his lips.

Marie: So, how was your day, my love?

He groaned and....


Rough, Narcissistic, and Abusive Seme needed

Please describe your character and/or send a picture

4+ Lines. No Exeptions.

Third person

Please don't abandon the RP. I will never abandon the rp, but I will drop it if you desire to drop it. Also, this will be a long term rp. I will reply as soon as possible and am usually avaiable. If I don't respond within twelve hours, don't hesitate to tag me. If you become bored of the rp and wish to discontinue, please let me know first. It's polite.

Also, be warned, I sometimes try to text in my sleep. Seriously, you have no idea how many times this happens. I start typing random things that make no sense and sometimes I type my dreams. If you see this happening, just tell me and I'll fix it.

Please use good gramar. Spelling doesn't have to be great, but I need to understand what you're saying. No text talk unless you're character is reading out a text message or is typing one. Also, be fairly descriptive.

Don't kill my character. I can hadle dark topics (gore, selfharm, violence) Also, please, no scat or puke. I can handle piss (though I'd prefer not), but let's ditch puke and scat

This rp will contains foul language and kinky things. Rp at your own risk

If you have read all of the rules, please type Don't keep your king waiting, slave to begin

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{Warning: This is a Naga Seme x Human pet Uke. There maybe blood, gore, violence, rape, etc involved. This can also be an Alpha/Omega roleplay and may include m-preg if desires. Please ask first. This is meant to have story and character build. Please read all the rules below before beginning or requesting a private post.}

A group of rogues had been scouring the highway where many merchants and tradesmen traveled from the capital to the many port towns and even branched off leading to the bordering lands. They wreaked havoc on many travelers who were unlucky enough to get caught in their sights.

One such young man was the only survivor of the most recent raid by the rogues. The group he traveled with consisted of mostly holy men and imperial court messengers. They were mostly unarmed with the exception of two guardsmen who were adequate at best for petty criminals. They were quickly cut down in the ambush. The caravan was broken up and dispersed, divided and quickly conquered.

Cyrus, a young man with dark locks curling slightly in the heat, dampened by the humidity of the evening. His deep green eyes and attentive personality left him in charge of handling the horses and tending to the errands and menial tasks that the higher ranking group needed.

He didn't speak much and wore the colorful pin to show his rank among the men and their neutral holy standing. They were not a supporter of any political groups and usually this would keep them out of the fights involving rebels and rogues. But this group did not care. They disregarded the banners that claimed neutrality and attacked with no remorse.

The priests were the first to be cut down after the guards. One of the court messengers tried to bargain with them, throwing around his master's title and the hefty amount of coin that came with it in return for sparing his life. The rogues did not care and placed an arrow in his throat. Two blades were raised at the remaining three but one of the horses acted. Charging forward and causing the cart it was pulling to crash into the one in front of it. Cyrus who was holding onto the reins was dragged forward by the spooked horse that quickly took off for the woods. He pulled himself up onto the saddle, hearing the men left be cut down by the blades. It pained him to hear their last words curse him.

The horse made it to the treeline when an arrow was buried in it's flank. The horse reared back as another arrow his it's shoulder. The horse toppled over, sending Cyrus down with it. A cry of pain as the horse rolling partially onto him. He struggled, hearing the rogues closing in. The yells and cursing as they hustled through the woodlands. The sound of their armor as they moved with haste growing ever nearer. He managed to slip out just as one broke the treeline.

An arrow flew past him and another followed up by nicking his side. He gasped suddenly at the searing hot pain in his side. But he kept moving. Running for the woods, hoping night and the thicker canopy would aid him in hiding. He spied a rocky cliff edge that overlooked a steep river nearby, hoping if he could just make it over top of it and to the other side, he'd be free. He clambered up the jagged rocks, cutting up his palms from the rough weather worn material. A curse left him as another arrow hit near his shoulder. He made it halfway and shimmed along the side before attempting to go further up. The rocks were slick with moss and his hands damp from blood and sweat. He reached up for a ledge, pulling his full weight up before his grip slipped.

He fell, plummeting back down to the ground but he did not fall on the rocks. He fell through an open cavern that had been concealed by leafy branches and years of vines. He hit the ground with a breathless cry as all the air was knocked out of his chest. He gasped, trying to fill his lungs back up with oxygen. His green eyes staring up at the hole, watching the darkness fall over the sky and the star's start to dance across it tauntingly. His vision started to turn black at the edges, soon to be swallowed up by unconsciousness. His eyes slipped shut at the sounds of distant yelling far above and an even closer rustling nearby.

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