OK!! We are officially registered for April #IngressFS!!

There will be a special mission only available for our event.
It starts at the meeting portal.

Still need an ENL agent to check in RES agents...
Any volunteers?

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Hey all! I need an ENL Leader for April... any volunteers?

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Here are the results for #IngressFS Providence March!


I had fun got 3 missions done see u next month

So here's the stats for #IngressFS PVD March:

ENL AP Gain: 792,996
RES AP Gain: 1,392,731

ENL Trekker Gain: 39
RES Trekker Gain: 44

ENL Level Gain: 1
RES Level Gain: 4

Top agent ENL:
AP Gain Trekker Gain
frivoloussquid 202461 fireandwhispers 6
shredmo 148982 shredmo 6
francisco2 120927 frivoloussquid 4
fireandwhispers 104127 LMA353272 4

Top Agents RES:
AP Gain Trekker Gain
drgnlrds 247748 nevergonnasleep 6
Misterakaboogie 221491 drgnlrds 5
akamuaka 194383 f00lk1ller 4
ipeedaily 121821 nakitta 4

Hope everyone had a great time! It was great to see/meet everyone!

Thanks to all the agents that attended! I will post a link to the official spreadsheet as soon as I can so everyone can see all the stats.

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