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I just found this. Maybe someone find this also impressive.

Hi ,
I am a beginner in developing android apps, i am developing a social-network application.

I used ExecutorService Thread pool in order to make HTTP requests. when i want to retrieve data from server , i initialize a Runnable object and pass it to the pool to execute it, and i give that Runnable object a reference to the view which needs to be updated when the response comes.
This works fine , but , if i open a view (for example a fragment) , then make an HTTP request and close it before the response comes - the application crashes.

I solved this by checking whether the view which needs to be updated is not null first.

But i don't know if this is a good convention or not to do that,
Is it a good practice to use ExecutorService for HTTP requests or should i just use an AsyncTask ?

And how do i manage the various cases of requests ( Canceling requests, updating a null view , .... ) ?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hello everyone, I need some suggestion regarding App startup time,
I am developing an app, in which I need to load a list of products from server trough API. At the very first login to the app, I need to pull the full list in the main activity. I am using Sync Adapter to load the product list, and initiating the sync adapter in the main activity's onCreate method. The Product list is not so big, but sometimes my app is taking way too long, My question is where is the best place to initiate the Sync Adapter?

Hi everyone,

i am using a service to update the clock on my widget, but if the app was set to be optimized from the system, the clock hangs for a couple of minutes or it freezes completely after a while.

thank you for your help.

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I've issues following +Colt McAnlis​ instructions to resize bitmaps, basically the resulting image resolution makes no sense. So, I believe I'm doing something wrong.

I added the question in StackOverflow, any help is very appreciated.

Hello everyone, I just want to know that can we run the async task in the onHandleIntent() in IntentService .

I simply did some file uploading task onto my server, So I just run this task even my app is close at the task is in running stage.

Plaese Help!

Hi, Everyone i am working on social app and i want to make it offline and optimize the network calls by caching. Share your thoughts about it that What are the best method for data caching and syncing. How do apps like Facebook cache data. Which libraries are available for this purpose. It would be great if i can get some samples.

I am looking for help on image loading and scaling. How can i make it better. I am wondering how the apps like facebook, instagram and whatsapp do the image loading , caching and scaling. Share some tips and tricks for image loading.

Apologies, For the Last Post People. It Was a Mistake. And I Would Like to Know what are the best practices for using Databases in Android Apart From SQLiteDB ?

Hi everyone,

While I do understand the general usage of Loaders in an app, what is the general pattern I should follow to use multiple loaders within the same activity?
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