Guys if anyone know a director of movies or know sum1 who works for a movie company please  tell them to make this into a movie  anyone agree???

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Name: Phaeton Heim
Species: Underlander
Bond: none
Fighting Style: ground for now
Weapons: Throwing knives, short sword, bow

stumbles across the borders of the dead land and crosses into human territory, a rogue Gnawer hunting patrol who disagree with the peace can be heard not far off.
coughs blood and then looks at wounded leg and side
I must traverse farther! the border, farmlands, and Regalia will be in sight soon

If anybody wants or needs a DM or Dungeon Master you can ask me to be one

Name: Taliah Blom
Species: Underlander
Bond: Pitch black bat named Nyx (female)
Figting Style: aerial, when on a flier
Weapon: bow and arrow, dagger

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Pkease join. :)

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Name: Diana(From Roman myths)
Species: Flier
Bond: No one-yet
Fighting Style: Claws, outwitting, trickery
Weapons: Claws

Just gonna add some stuff: Good flyer, young(teenager?), loyal, brave, friendly, logical

Here's a pic.

Can I share my Underland community?

Name: Maria
Species: Overlander (no family so decided to stay)
Bond: nope
Fighting style: fast and accurate, but lacks power
Weapons: short swords and throwing knives
Apperence: short black hair, blue eyes, short
Personality: shy, random, thoughtful, loyal
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