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Name: kitten day night
Age: 13-20
Sexuality: Bisexual
Gender: Female
Likes: a lot
Me: weird,crazy, shy at first,dangerous
Race: rare neko mixed with furry

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Dez and sparkle: Dancing together girl on girl but they don't like each other that way there waiting for a boy
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Sparkle the cabbit (colored)
File Number - 1202 Birthday: 1/1/1996
Magi G Sparkle

Personal look factors- 
Race: Cabbit
Age: 19
Height: 5’4
Weight: 136
Body shape:  Dancer
Ear type and color: Bunny (flopped over) Snow white.
Tail type and color: Cat (long and sleek) Snow white with rainbow markings.
Nose type and Color: Cat (small) Light pink.
Eye color: Rainbow (depends on mood)
Skin color: Snow white.
Hair color: Lime green
Carrot shakes,
Messing with peoples colors ^^;
wearing a black cloak,
last but not least being mysterious. 
Dumb people,
having to wash dishes,
listening to long speeches,
and never being able to spread out and be herself.
Her biggest fear is to die alone and in vain. Her little fear is spiders even though she's gotten over it a bit haha. 
Her dreams are to grow up and become the next magi master in her kingdom like her mother, Even though sometimes she thinks she would hate to be like her mother because of how she wants her own destiny. 
Fighting Info-
Weapon type: Aura Hammer
Magic type: Aura control and mind control
Song: Cool kids
Outfit: White ballet dress with rainbow ribbons and ballet shoes. Long thigh high socks with rainbow striped tops. Black clamp on her tail.
Skillz: Sing soprano, both high and low. Flexible and can do many dance moves as well as cheer moves. 

Family Tree-
Father: Neon the cat
Mother: Pazzazz the bunny
Sister: None
Brother: None
Aunt: Penny the bunny (sister to Pazzazz)
Uncles: None
Cousin: None

Friends her age-
Smarty pants: Penny the Bunny (little sister to Pazzazz)
loud mouth:  Tyne the wolfhog (arizona’s son) 
Great hair: Kikki the  hell panther (Sabrina’s daughter) 

Personal notes-
Attitude:  Basically she is sassy with a whole side of attitude but sometimes it's a good thing because it usually keeps others safe. 

History-    As history goes for sparkle she is really just someone who is a loner.  She likes to just sit and daydream wishing she could be the best Magi fighter at her home. Her mother is a guardian of the ancient tree of all the magi’s power.  Everything seemed to go very well. Her mom Pazzazz met Neon her dad and they got married and fell deeply in love, but with falling in love she angered the other guardian of the tree. Jake, the hedgehog magi. Over the years jake has tried hard to get her back by force and other ways, he’s even tried to kill her.  Many times she has won with the help of her soul mate neon. Thanks to him sparkle is still alive and well. Jake heard of baby sparkle and was not happy at all. He tried many times to kill her during her young years and ended up putting Pazzazz  into a deep sleep where she may never wake up.  Sparkle went on her own around the age of 14 and never really spoke to her family since then. She usually wears  a black cloak over herself so that her rainbow magi markings can’t be seen. She hides her magic hoping one day she will be able to be herself and be the most powerful magi in the realm. As she travels and meets many people she works on gaining new life skills and fighting styles.  She comes across many different people and fight with many powers. She uses her magi magic to create weapons with her aura. She prefers a hammer like Amy rose. She is loving in her own way but is very sassy. She's a hard worker and can’t help but make everything right.  When it comes to romance she is not one for the whole fall in love. She would rather have friends and one day she does secretly hope to find someone like 
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looks around as i had my sword strapped on my back this place looks decent enough. sup im here and on G+ crosses arms 

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Hello my name is puppy...when using my controlling sona the pink one on the left iam puppy magic...using my sub on the right iam puppy luv...Iam good at both roles i do admit i can get really beast mode on my controle sona....but really sexy and needy on my sub sona...Iam 27 Demon possed..A coyote spirit lives in me that refuses to move along to enter eternal damnation. I come from the back woods where we follow no rules and don't sleep at night spirits run rapid....You would nevet know from the outer appearance that i hate you...only love i can show comes from a manipulated love resides here i do my best craft around 3am.
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Is walking around and opens a random door to find you getting out of the shower with nothing on...

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Hey everyone... I'm new here. Names Dio hope to have a great time with all of u... kukukuk
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