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Trying to build Cosmic OS for passion but getting this error?Can anyone help me?

Starting build with ninja
ninja: Entering directory `.'
ninja: error: '/home/d_suryavamsi/cosmic/out/target/product/passion/obj_arm/EXECUTABLES/updater_intermediates/updater', needed by '/home/d_suryavamsi/cosmic/out/target/product/passion/obj/PACKAGIN
G/target_files_intermediates/', missing and no known rule to make it
build/core/ recipe for target 'ninja_wrapper' failed
make: * [ninja_wrapper] Error 1

Am running your latest build for Honor 5x KIW L24. It runs well, it's lightweight, no hardware related issues as of yet. Can i install Xposed over this? Unique choice of Phonograph as the stock music app in its remedial form. It doesn't allow folder functionality unless one pays$4 to upgrade. Is this intentional to bring in financial support or an error im getting. Also chromium is not allowing me to sign in with any Google accounts. Storage on the KIWL24 is limited so having to DL an extra music app and browser matters ( imho) Any insight appreciated...

Is cosmic os for Moto G Titan (2014) dead? Last build is from September but it's security patches are from June! 😏

can someone provide me link to download cos for oneplus one (bacon). Nougat or marshmallow along with gapps. TY in advance.

How Can i disable led in Moto g5 plus , i can't find the options πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

when oreo coming for one plus 2 and where can I donate to support.

Cosmic is for condor??? I'm waiting for some months😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞

VoLTE support? OnePlus 2 7.1.2

Has Nexus 6P (angler) stopped supporting?😒
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