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By the way, I'm going to say this out loud for everyone. Your character doesn't have to be just human. ^^ It can be a furry, robot, alien, some kind of anime character, ect. I'm not that strict on what kind of characters you guys have to have. In this community, you guys have some freedom, other than those other Fallout communities. I'm just saying this if any of you wish to create, and have characters other than human. Anyway, thank you for reading this little announcement, so you may resume roleplaying and having fun in the community..

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<Profile Revamp>

Name: Ryan Eastland
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Faction: None
Good or Evil: Good
Weapons: 2 Pistols and a Machete
Bio: Ryan was born in the frigid northern area of California, after hearing of New Vegas, he set out to see the city for himself and to protect any innocent caravaneers or travelers from the harms of the Mojave
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is dressed in my outfit and has a scarf over my mouth and a hood over my head and goggles over my eyes and is walking the roads of the Mojave desert trying to find a place of refuge until I come across new vegas

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Name: Crystal

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Faction: Freelancer

Good or evil: Good

Weapons: Anything I can get my hands on

Bio: Unknown

Reason for being trapped: Unknown

((Open RP)) A teenager in an Armored Vault 13 Suit walks around talking to people, and after a while sits down, sighing

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Name: Alexander
Nickname: Six
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Faction: Unknown Tribe
Good or Evil: Good
Weapons: 10mm SMG
Clothing: Armored Vault 13 Suit
Hair Style: Sarge
Hair Color: Black
Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 6
Luck: 6
Standing with factions:
Legion: Vilified
Powder Gangers: Vilified
Khans: Unkown
NCR: Neutral
House: Unkown
BoS: Liked
Followers: Accepted
Goodsprings: Liked
Primm: Liked
Novac: Idolized
The Kings: Unknown
Bio: Six didn't earn his name for being a Courier, and he wasn't a Courier, but instead for being the Sixth member of his tribe to have the courage to venture out into the unknown parts of the wastes to look for help. His tribe all wears Vault 13 jumpsuits, and the more important people, like guards and people like Six, wear armored ones. They did not come from Vault 13, but they somehow have the jumpsuits, at least, that's what Six says. Six kind of drifts from place to place, but is still looking for help, but no one has agreed to help him. He has not reached Vegas yet, as he is afraid of the "City Folk" that may be hostile to his kind. He is very experienced in combat with his trusty sidearm, "Steele", which is a 10mm SMG. Six always has about 50-200 caps on him, and no more. He does not speak or act like people would expect tribe members to, as he talks normally. Six tells a tale of before he got to the Mojave, when he had to fight off a gang of 10, without his SMG. He said that when he took off he was given plenty of throwing spears, knives and other tribal weapons, and his gun was hit away from him. He then said that the weapons that were left at the end of the battle were either too broken or stuck inside the gang members bodies to take, and he only left with Steele.
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Is it a good idea Bethesda to remastered fallout new Vegas?
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Yes and I think they need to add new gun
Hmmm maybe
No! That game has terrible Graphics

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((Open, but ask first))
"Jewel" walks up to Cottonwood Cove after adding Ranger Station Charlie. He walks over to a Legionnaire and talks for a while, then it gets louder and he pulls a gun on the Legionnaire

(open rp don't ask) mason sits down at a fire I went rouge for my brother I will kill every last NCR soldier
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