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You are demon like Sebastian Michaelis.For years you have collected souls and devoured them.So it was after you devoured your last master/victim's soul you go searching for a new one.You find her with the blade of a dagger pressed to her throat by a tall man who means to kill her.Feeling her inner cry for anyone to help her.You kill the man and offer her a contract; the details of the contract are simple: your complete protection and loyalty for her soul once she turned 30 years old.You smile at her as you twirl the dagger that moments before was pressed to her throat and…..
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Hi I'm new wags tail ands smiles

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•N A M E•

"Why hello! My name is Starlight Rose~"

•A G E•

"I am currently fifteen years old! I can be immature at some times though..."

•D A T E_O F_B I R T H•

"I was born on May fourteenth, 2001! Wow- that was a while ago, wasn't it?"

•S E X U A L I T Y•

"Straight! I prefer dating boys over girls~"

•S P E C I E S•

"I'm a shapeshifter and human- I mostly take on my human form, but when needed I can change into different species! It's really cool."

•N A T I O N A L I T Y•

"Ah- I'm Japanese, American, French, British, and Cuban! What a mix, eh? That's what people say, anyways."

•B I O•

Starlight's parents had died in an accidental fire when she was five, while Star had went on a walk through the woods to pick flowers. After this she had ran away from home and explored the forest that she had always loved. Eventually, she found a witch's home and the witch took her in as a child. However, the witch was very old. The witch gave Star a potion when Star was ten that would allow her to shapeshift, be smart, and gave her the ability to talk and connect to animals. A year afterwards, the witch died and Star was once again on her own. She eventually found a town where she got access to her parent's money and bought herself a home. Starlight has lived there ever since then.

•P E R S O N A L I T Y•

"Ah- even though I've had a hard past, I'm actually really happy with my life! Maybe that has to do with me being very optimistic and unrealistic. I have a really big imagination and I'm really silly sometimes~ I love to play games and have fun! I can be serious though, but only when I have to be. I get grumpy and sensitive when I'm tired and I advise to give me cuddles if you don't want me to cry- I know, it's babyish, I'm sorry.."

•L I K E S•

"I love relaxing, cuddles, hugs and kisses! I am_ a romance addict after all~ I love to sing and dance and I'm practicing my art skills! I really like making new friends and playing games. I also like laughing so please, tell good jokes when you're around, eh?"_

•D I S L I K E S•

"Okay- I honestly hate all bugs except for butterflies, fireflies, and dragonflies- those types of bugs. Sorry, they just creep me out. I also don't like people who are bipolar and difficult to work with. Also people who waste my time and are rude and/or mean."

•A P P E A R A N C E•

When in her human form, Starlight has long black wavy hair that curls at the bottom with bangs that she can style. She is a sort of beige color- light with a bit of brown. She has bright turquoise eyes with long eyelashes, and soft, round eyebrows. Her nose is small, and rounded though it sticks out a bit. Star's lips are a bright pink that are plumpy and fairly small. (Pictures for reference). She is the average height for her age, five foot four inches tall and her weight changes accordingly. Star has a medium sized bust as well as medium sized hips.


// Ask to roleplay in the comments section (we'll make a different post though).
Please be descriptive while roleplaying- no text talk or emojis, please!!!
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Fave sayings: life is a fucking lie so let my life be hell
likes: Sebastion, thinking of dieing,cuting herself, demons,and the idea for getting a contract to end her pain
:dislikes:living,rape,mean people,and talking about her dark past
:bio:Raven is a sad suicidal girl with a dark past full of pain and suffering who just wants a reason to live
dream: to die quietly and no longer be in pain or may a contract that will end her pain
(veiw pic below)
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Have a look ,There
for help the 
darkness you spiral

"And all along the
way you struggle
going mad"

"Let me be clean,
return me to the
man i was so i can
forget all my 
ordinary troubles"

"No i want not my
revenge,instead to 
feel the cut"

"Oh,I'll stand strong
in the end with no
return of a Guarantee my friend"

"Together, in this 
hellish heaven,I
take a bow with no

"Cover me with cold
     Hardened from
   Broken memories"

Tormented,clear as
   glass,but you,you
won't go back there"

"Let me forget,
return me to the
silent madness so
kill your kissed with
my ordinary sadness"

"No i want not my
revenge, instead to
      Fell the cut"

"Oh,I'll stand strong
in the end with no
         return of a 
Guarantee my friend"

"Together, in this 
hellish heaven, i
take a bow, my soul

"oh, I'll stand strong
in the end with no
         return of a 
guarantee my friend"

 "Together, In this 
   hellish Heaven,I 
Take a bow,Say
   "Yes,My Lord"

" You led me to my
own cage , But I'll be
 fine as long as my 
 cold nights and 
 days are filled with
 Your Un-Wavered 
 Presence with a 
picture for us to save"

-Enamel-english lyrics-Book of circus theme
{i know japanese so i know the english lyrics to most japanese anime themes}

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Name: Alenas Hart
Age: Immortal and stopped keeping track
Species: Minx Familiar
Magic: Shadow Magic
Bio: Is a Familiar still looking for master, started going to high school. I take on many different forms but my main one is the Dark Angel. As a Familiar i have to protect whoever my master is that i imprint on. I was trained using assassination skills but my teacher was taken away. My parents abandoned me when they found out that i was a Minx and i never bothered to look for them after that.

((Send your character's information, i can do the start if you want or you can))

hello everyone anyone want to rp?

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