ONCE AGAIN MISS K blows all staff away  i hope that she dont regrect what she put out there . kick it was also blown away, by this no one knew and just wow,and  you cant tell at all, so when mis k is really comfitable talking we will talk,miss k you blown us away

hey we love sluts, sorry ,we can do whatever  we want to them, and  you break them off with, money or something eles , see we men ,when you cheat on your girl friend, you will cheat on the slut,for sure with his main girlfriend, or some other girl,we will never make the slut our wifely , but we love sluts 

sharing with kick it with Karen, and animal lovers.there is a bird name ruby , some people took her and now she gone can we help this family find ruby  I person lly know about losing a pet that you love, my was a baby dog, iam going to kit started to raise money to find ruby, join me

thank you kick it with karen, on the iggy ,story she fine. she cant leave me imean the social media,world  iggy kick it with  karen, added you to her world, and thats not easy to get in togood luckiggy

to add to the king story ,  your president, is Black

well we are the press and the story needs to be told. bobbi k brown. will leave this earth soon. we talk to kick it with Karen and she said that if we go after the story, cut throat then we are really like social media kare went to the point to show what shes talking about ; it was bad,  real bad

from kick it  with Karen  sharing  with press c and round table/ well I have to do this story on a family that I  respect .so much this will be tastefull  iam a great fan of whiteny Houston. I don't know her baby so well  but I will pray ,god will have the last word ,not man  hang in there  baby girl we love you too

we want to share this the round table and kick it  with karen as the whole got to together the subjet came up, education  think about and how do feel about it

hey good moring  we are at the table and we have a  good one for you  the browns and the daughter of bobbie  brown  and houston

ms karen  can we talk to you  for a sec. sure why not ., why are you leaving; i feel like no one respects me and what  i love to do.     what i do; and that really burns me up; the phone rings ;and its the  round table and  oops   she hangs up the phone
 whats wong ms karen, when did we get a fan club well you deverse this  oh great  more bad crap coming my  way , no i will take this on  miss k you take the rest of the week off , i got you  , you did this.well   Why   help  you are a good person go rest,the world is mean with comments are you ready for that,  and she left  me to my  throught iam   i ready for this
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