Media Wars is back! Go in and start playing the new scenarios today! Investigate and choose your side carefully, but hold back any Pretender references for the moment. We have something prepared and will share instructions soon.

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The minds behind MediaWars have been so impressed with everyone's interaction and engagement in the game! In fact, we wanted to let everyone know that we have been doing so well that we have even been added to the ARG network (!

Since the scenarios currently playing are almost over, we're going to ask all players to go silent and await further instructions... this has catalyzed something BIG for Pretender Fans... we can't wait to share it with you!

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As you know we have been working on getting the pretender back as a new show. In doing so we have been doing lots of crazy things to build up the fan base in a way we can show the networks how passionate the Pretender Fans really are 

We are doing a mad scientist thing today - its going on right now with a website called

It is a very bizarre media mind game / web game based on a series of terrorist events and how they play out in the media -

I told the guy it looked like a sim Jarod would have created that the Centre would have used for evil purposes. He said have your fans take over the site and drive people to etc to prove it. 

Tons of people in Hollywood are watching this thing to study fandom/participant interplay and if we can show them TP fans are passionate it would help in a big way to get MTW and AP et al back on the air. 

So please go to , create a character and leave messages about how this site and all its stories are a Centre conspiracy to catch Jarod and how the secrets are or the etc. 

Oh and please share this to other TP fans or just friends and family ask them to do it as well. it would be a HUGE help! 

Let's get Michael T Weiss and Andrea parker back on the air where they belong! 

Thanks so much!

Steve & Craig

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Little Miss P’s Favorite Chicken

In honor of Thanksgiving, we are opening the recipe book, sharing a treasured meal from the Parker family table. We fervently hope you enjoy it too!

-> Check your emails for the latest Centre Employees Newsletter or read it here:

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We are thrilled to announce a new contest! Send us your most Centre-looking photos (See a creepy Sweeper lurking about? Your office resembles SL-10?) and we will feature them in an upcoming CEN!

Submit them to
Thank you Laurette for your fantastic submission!

For more Centre News: 

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New Red File videos at We feel extremely lucky to have such amazing gifts from our fans.

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We have always known that we have the best fans in the world, but it is truly touching to receive photos like these from all around the world. 

Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted to this beautiful collage- we are eternally grateful for your continued support of the Pretender Universe. 

There are great things ahead - stay tuned! 

Craig & Steve

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How well do you know Miss Parker?

Take the quiz and find out... you might just get an award!

And don't forget to post your score below!


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Florence, Jacci and Rachel, it's your turn in the Red Files. ‪#‎ThePretenderLives‬

Check the new videos from Steven and Craig here -->

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The real Detectives (well they are really Deputy Sheriffs) who are in Chapter 67/68 of Saving Luke finally read about themselves. 

What fan will be next?
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