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Welcome to the Gauntlet Hangouts Community Page!

Gauntlet Hangouts is part of the larger Gauntlet gaming community. We run over 100 games per month across a variety of genres and systems. You can find the full list of games currently on the schedule by going here:

Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Gauntlet Hangouts…

What is the purpose of this G+ Community?
This G+ Community is where we announce new games that have been added to the Gauntlet Hangouts calendar. It is not a discussion space, nor is it a place to try to gin up interest for a game. As a general matter, we prefer you not advertise games outside of Gauntlet Hangouts here, but that’s not set in stone; message me and we’ll discuss it.

I see a game I am interested in. Why can’t I RSVP?
$7+ Patreon supporters of the Gauntlet get one week of RSVP priority on all games that are on the Gauntlet Hangouts calendar. Once that week is over, RSVPs open up to anyone. Each event will tell you the all-access date, but you are responsible for setting your own reminders.

How does the waitlist for a game work?
You will receive an email notification if you move off the waitlist.

How come you schedule games so far in advance? I don’t know what I’ll be doing in two months!
Yes, actually, you do know what you’ll be doing in two months: you’ll be playing in this game you signed-up for. The Gauntlet’s culture is one of seriousness and commitment. Life happens, we get that; we know you’ll have things that come up from time-to-time that force you to cancel, and that’s ok. But, on measure, we find that when people commit to something really early, they follow through.

Scheduling games far in advance also ensures the GM or facilitator has plenty of time to prepare, as well as giving us time to get the table filled.

We have a great track record for quality and consistency. Our secret sauce is planning events very far in advance.

How do I run games for Gauntlet Hangouts?
This is a trickier question to answer. Right now, everything goes through me. There is no formal procedure for putting a game on Gauntlet Hangouts, other than to just have a conversation with me about it. My very strong preference is that you play with us for awhile first. It gives us a chance to see if you’re a dependable person, as well as to get a sense of your style and personality.

Another thing I consider is whether I think your game will fill or not. I look at gaps in the schedule, the game you are proposing to run, etc.. I also think about the size of our community. We are simply not big enough to support a ton of games on the calendar, and so we have to be careful about adding new ones.

I make big a exception for the following: a really good pitch. If you have a cool idea for a series of games or if you are answering a need (for example: running an OSR game) then I’m definitely more open to it.

Another exception: you are going to launch a Kickstarter and would like to run your game for Gauntlet Hangouts. I am always open to that, but please get in touch with us early.


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Worlds In Peril: The Use Of Powers
4 sessions now posted to Gauntlet Hangouts for waitlisting. Someone always drops out! Get your name on the waitlist!

We'll create our own superhero universe. Your characters are super-powered humans, relatively new to your powers, and assembled into a team. Setting will be a real world city that one or more of the players knows well. How powers work and what villains you face will emerge from character creation and play. The touchstone for visual style and intensity of content will be Marvel comics 1965-1979, focusing on super-power battles contrasted with personal life drama.

Sessions run on Mondays, 6:30pm-9:30pm PST, August 2018
Session 1, August 6:
Session 2 August 13:
Session 3 August 20:
Session 4 August 27:

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NEW PATRONS ONLY - World of Dungeons: Tales of the Scarecrow

These three sessions are restricted to Gauntlet Patrons who joined in July. Everyone else can sign up after one week. Follow the links for more details.

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3


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Lovecraftesque: Mr. Giggles Comes to Dinner

This session will begin on August 7th at 7:00 PM EST and last for 3.5 hours. All access sign-up begins July 18th. It will be recorded if everyone agrees.

We will be playing Lovecraftesque by +Becky Annison and +Joshua Fox -- a GM-less game of creeping horror. We will be using the pre-made scenario, "Mr. Giggles Comes to Dinner," by +Misha B . Together, we will play Alex, a single parent, as they uncover the terrible truth behind their child’s “imaginary” friend, Mr. Giggles. Who or what is Mr. Giggles? Why are all the children in your child’s class suddenly acting strangely? And where does that tunnel beneath your house lead to, anyway? Let's play to find out!

I want you to have a fun and safe game! We will establish Lines and Veils at the beginning of the session and the X-card is always available during play. I welcome you to send me a private message during the game if you don't feel comfortable bringing up an issue yourself. Finally, I’ll ask people to stick around after play to debrief. For more info on these safety tools and the Gauntlet’s inclusivity policy, please see here:

Sign up here!

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The Gauntlet presents: The Gaunt Marches
Conceived by +Spencer Paskett and featuring exciting GMs like +Richard Ruane and +Jim Crocker The Gaunt Marches is a living, breathing, ever changing hexcrawl with players across all time zones roaming the wilderness of the Gaunt Marches.
Decisions made by one group will permanently change the lands. Support the Croaking King and his rivals will take notice. Kill the Purple Worm rumored to terrorize The Alameen Fields and new goods might show up on the market of your hometown.
Player agency is paramount: You will hear numerous rumors and will be presented dozens of opportunities but you might ignore all of these and just pick a direction, loot ancient ruins, hunt wild animals to sell their furs and husks, start a business on your own or choose to live a life of crime and rob the bank of Eelton or the traders travelling through Kurgis Forest.


Registration for Freebooters on the Frontier: The Gaunt Marches is now open for non-patreons!

Freebooters on the Frontier is an old school inspired take on Dungeon World tailor made for explorations and dungeon crawls. Whereas DW is based on AD&D and later editions of the world most popular RPG, Freebooters goes back to 0e and occupies the fascinating space between OSR and PbtA games.
Note that if you already have a character from one of the other adventuring parties they will be temporarily transformed to fit the relevant Freebooters class but will be changed back to their original state after each session.

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Gauntlet City Limits in July is Katanas & Trenchcoats, guest GMed by the designer, +Ryan Macklin!

Moonlight gleams off drawn blades in a dark alley. Somewhere, a mortal cries out as a vampire drinks. Creepy sorcery. Magic hackers. Other goth stuff. And let's throw in Michelle Rodriguez driving through a wall while cursing the family who betrayed her. That's the spirit of this '90s-inspired game-in-development, Katanas & Trenchcoats. Come and play! The Darkest Cosmos beckons…

This game is part of the Gauntlet City Limits living campaign. Being able to attend each session is ideal, but not required. You must RSVP to each session you wish to attend. If you haven't created a neighborhood, that's no problem! It's an easy and fun process, contact me, Rich Rogers. Each session will last three hours.

Session 1 (July 17 @ 8PM Eastern):
Session 2 (July 31 @ 8PM Eastern):

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Time to Blow up some Nazis.

There was a night bomber regiment in World War Two composed entirely of women. Natural-born Soviet airwomen.These 200 women and girls, flying outdated biplanes from open fields near the front lines, attacked the invading German forces every night for 1,100 consecutive nights. When they ran out of bombs they dropped railroad ties.

To each other they were sisters, with bonds forged in blood and terror. To the Red Army Air Force they were an infuriating feminist sideshow. To the Germans they were simply Nachthexen—Night Witches.

Last season our sister airwomen found grief and glory. The realities of war brutally stole your comrades in arms while sexist bureaucrats questioned every mistake as a sign of treachery. The NKVD found every opportunity to harass, terrify, and even kill in effort to discredit the 588. But hope came from a rouge squadron breaking flight plan to save the media popular 586th mixed gender fighter regiment. Now with the attention of Lt. Genreal Igor Micoshnichenko, you and your sisters move on to Pashkovskaya.

We will be playing through the entire second base doing one mission per session (run time up to 4 hours per session). This puts the focus on the characters, their lives, and their relationships and how each is effected by the war instead of the war itself. The game will run a total of 6 sessions and will allow for players who can't attend all sessions. I would recommend if you are signing up, to attend at least 2 sessions.

Session 1 4:30 pm est 8/26

Session 2 3pm est 9/2

Session 3 3pm est 9/9

Session 4 3pm est 9/16

Session 5 3pm est 9/23

Session 5 3pm est 9/30

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Conjure Hagalaz PBTA (1/2) August 3rd 10am Adelaide time. Explorers/Investigators in a Supernatural Fantasy setting.

Conjure Hagalaz PBTA (2/2) August 17th 10am Adelaide time. Explorers/Investigators in a Supernatural Fantasy setting.

Come for the Sword Chucks, stay for the Ectoplasm.

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Thursdays in August @ 9 PM Eastern Time I'm offering 4 sessions of Veil 2020, a minimalist, retro cyberpunk game found in Codex Chrome 2 (this month). I'm running the mega-adventure Land of the Free, but if we complete this beforehand we'll move into a different adventure, like Eurotour, perhaps.

I'd like to hold 3 spots for new folks to the Gauntlet Patreon. If you subscribed in June/July, nab one of those spots. If they don't get snagged in the first week, then anyone can grab them.

Session 1:

Session 2:

Session 3:

Session 4:


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Vagabonds of Dyfed - Tales of the Middarmark Series

July 31 and August 7th, 19:00 Eastern Time

Otkell, warchief of the Gott Host, conqueror of Vanskrdal, lord of Hrossgard and the Gottmark, has ruled for twenty years with wisdom and strength. He has found a new home for the Gotts in the Middarmark and none would doubt his right to rule.

Yet after long years the Warchief has grown aged and is without an heir. His son Othmar and daughter Oda were slain in heroic battle against the Bjornings, and he has had no children since that grim day.

Among the Gott there has been much agitation, as each seeks to prove themselves worthy to take up Otkell’s title and lead the Host to war.

Among that number is Adelais, daughter of the disgraced greve Notker, who has made a great boast in the halls of Hrossgard that she will travel to Sigrun’s Mirror, deep in the mist-shrouded Sakki Downs, and there receive from Sigrun Shieldbreaker, Lady of Battles, a mark of her right to rule.

The fog of drink and the din of last night’s boasting has passed, and you, Adelais’ sworn comrades, set out with your sister on a quest south - to the lands of the Bjornings and to Sigrun’s Mirror, known only to you in song and tale.

Will you prove your worth to the Lady of Battles, or will your memory fade into the mist? What matters is not the boast but the deed! Mount your horse and ride for the depthless Mirror!


We will be playing two sessions of Vagabonds of Dyfed, a PbtA/FitD/OSR fantasy mash up, set in the Middarmark setting by Thor Olavsrud. This will be a hex crawl focused on overland travel and will make use of resources from Vagabonds, Middarmark, and The Perilous Wilds. Each session will be 4 hours in length and will be recorded. The X-Card will be in use.

Session 1:
Session 2:

An audio recording of the MIddarmark introduction text I made is available here:
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