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Quote: I'm shot!!!
Name: Fat Amy
Age: 18
Acapella Group: Barden Bellas
Job: DJ
Personality: Funny, sassy
Bio: I was the best singer in Tangremania. I call myself Fat Amy because I eat twinkies behind my own back. 
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Name: Bethany Baxter
Age: 18
Acapella Group: Barden Bellas
Job: Fashion Designer
Personality: Funny, Happy and Feisty
Bio: Fnuff....

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Name: Sky Iriso
Age: 21
Acapella Group: The Barden Bellas
Job: Uni Student and DJ
Personality: Bubbly, Sarcastic, Clever
Bio: Lived in Carolina, moved to L.A at tha age of 14. Went to Barden at 18, joined The Bellas at 19. Has quite a low voice, very good at acapella.

If you don't want to/ can't make a profile, ask to be one of these:

The Barden Bellas:
Beca: (Me)
Aubrey: (Empty)
Fat Amy: +Fat Amy 
Chloe: (Empty)
Stacey: (Empty)
Cynthia Rose: (Empty)
Lilly: (Empty) 
Jessica: (Empty)
Denise: (Empty)
Ashley: (Empty)

The Treblemakers:
Jesse: (Empty)
Benji Applebaum: (Empty)
Bumper Allen: (Empty)
Donald: (Empty)
Unicycle: (Empty)
Kolio: (Empty)
Greg: (Empty)
"Hat": (Empty)
Steven: (Empty)
Brian: (Empty)
Michael: (Empty)

Additional Characters:
Corey/Kori (Old Bella, kicked out): (Empty)
Mary Elise (Old Bella, kicked out): (Empty)
Luke (DJ): (Empty)
Kimmy-Jin (Beca's Roommate): (Empty)
Tommy (Acapella group audition presenter): (Empty)
John Smith (Commentator at ICCA'S): (Empty)
Gail Abernathy-McKadden (Commentator at ICCA'S): (Empty)
Dr. Mitchell (Beca's Dad): (Empty)


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Profile Template:
Age: (Between 16 and 25 pls)
Acapella Group: (Choose from Barden Bellas, Treblemaker, High Notes, BU Harmonics and Sockapella)
Job: (Uni Student, Unemployed, DJ, Presenter (two jobs at most))
Photo: (If can't get photo, put hair colour, eye colour and height)
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