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Rules so Far

1. No Harrassing,Bullying,Taunting Or Thretaning
Do NOT Do Any of the Above,Instant Ban from this Community,And All other coummintys i Own

2.No Art Theaft,Claimed Lineart, Or Unedited Online Drawings
This Goes without saying,Useing lineart is Ok.But dont claim it,As for the last part,If you get an Online picture,The markings or Coulers MUST Be changed,This will only Result in "Decilned"  the First time

3.No "Lazy" Profiles
Profiles Must have
If your not able to Make a Bio,You must add in the following:
Rivals (If any)
Allys (If any

4.Dont Make your own Packs without Me confirming it
The Packs Right now are:
Scarletpack (Wolf,Mountain)
ShimmerPack (Fox,Forest)
DessertPack (Jackel,Savanna)
TimberPack (Wolf,Mountain)
Ashpack (Fox,Mountain)
Grasspack (Jackel,Savanna)


((I Found this Run cicle on the web,Its so cute! <3))
Animated Photo

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i havent drawn me child hiroto in a while so i figured why not :^))
ahaga i really like drawing him crazy looking

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Name: Oceanwind
Age: 30 Moons
Gender: She cat
Mate: None
Kits: None
Crush: None

aww can we be cats? ;3;

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This is dusky the blue-grey fox/cat. her age is 9. her bio is that she was brought up in thunderclan by bluestar, but she was so tiny that bluestar kindly gave her to the foxes because they would take in abandoned kits or tiny kits and raise them like a fox born in their pack. their leader, darkstar, gave her her new name "swiftkit" not long she became duskpaw, seeming she always had rock dirt on her (she loved hunting on the floor of sunningrocks). after a few dawns, she got the beautiful name "midnight" when the snakes from sunningrocks came (they lived near sunningrocks) 6 fierce snakes bit darkstar and he dropped to the ground. he suffered and then he started wailing, then screaming so high that thunderclan, riverclan, shadowclan and windclan heard. seeming that midnight had learned a few healing skills from their med cat named lightning. she tried and tried to heal darkstar but he just wouldnt stay still. darkstar's last word was to his beloved mate, midnight was "I have fell inside my lies, your gonna be alpha female, your new name will be dusky, I have been a failure to the clan." tears streamed sown dusky's eyes as she saw darkstar close his shimmering yellow eyes for the very final time. her clan is called because in memory of darkstar, their best leader, the clan got named darkclan. her rank is of cause alpha female.
lillycheaks24409 AJ :D
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