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Today we have released the standalone update for Android Auto! This allows anyone with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use the Android Auto interface for directions, music, and messaging. Users no longer need to purchase a new compatible vehicle or head unit, it can work directly from your phone screen.

From a developer perspective, this release brings millions of new potential users for your Android Auto enabled apps. More users than ever will be looking for compatible messaging and media apps, so make sure you have support built into yours.

When is a fix for honor and huawai owner available? Current the most of them get the message incompatible device. And news about that problem?

Dear all,

I try to use Android Auto in my development board
Android auto did not perform after connecting USB protocol

my platform is QNX and apply to car infotainment (android auto)
I would be most grateful if you could give me some help

Best regards & Thanks a lot!

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Android Auto Requires 5.0+ Android version, but on my phone Samsung Galaxy S3 i9100, even with Android 5.1.1 doesn´t let me install the app.

Android Auto requires something else ?

Anyone know if you'll be able to read information from a car using integrated Android Auto? I have an app working with the Ford Sync system that reads information like speed, and I'd like to expand it to Android Auto, but so far the platform seems incredibly limited and not really useful for anything past the basics of notifications and audio. 

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Hi guys, has published review for the my application.
Here it is:

hi sir/madam,
how can i build an Ecosystem with andrid auto?
such as where should i get android auto and how to integrate it.
do you hava any guidace documents?

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+Joshua Gordon introduces Android Auto Voice Actions (e.g., “Play [+] on [+]”). These help users find and automatically playback your +’s audio content.
100 days of Google Dev, Episode 50/100

Josh Gordon introduces Android Auto Voice Actions (e.g., “Play [+] on [+]”). These help users find and automatically playback your +’s audio content.


I'm ready to push my first update with Android Auto.  However, I haven't yet received a feedback email regarding Android Auto acceptance.  I have accepted the Android Auto terms in the dev console in the "Pricing and Distribution" section.  Also, it has been published to my alpha channel for over a week and I've had a couple of users testing it.  Is there something else I need to do?  From my understanding, I should have received an email to let me know if there was anything that needs to be fixed or if it has passed and is ok to release.  I started a canary rollout last night (1%) to see if that would trigger a review email, but still nothing.  Am I missing a step?

Hi again.  Could someone explain, or point me to the documentation, how to add the menu and overflow buttons?  I want to mimic how the Google Play Music app works with the left menu button opening the side panel and the right overflow showing some extra custom buttons. Thanks for any help you can give.
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