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Today at CES, we are announcing support for the Google Assistant on Android Auto. You can now build conversational experiences that work in cars, using our Actions on Google platform.

Check out the blog post:

And learn more about developing for the Google Assistant:

We also have an Assistant developers community at

I have a question to Android Auto UI experts.
Dealing with Music app, and with live stream particularly, how can I show percentage or seconds buffered? Current APIs are expected you to deal with known duration of media, so buffering bar shows progress. But what In case of live stream?
What is a solution for this problem?

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Anyone else? Pixel 3
Anyone else having this issue with the Pixel 3 and Android Auto?? I have to select PTP every single time I connect my phone to my car... +Stephanie Mendel can connect her Pixel 3 XL without jumping through hoops and my 2XL didn't have this issue...

I just need this to default to show Android Auto when I connect my phone... Any ideas?

#TeamPixel #Pixel3

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Google Maps Updated UI on Android Auto

I haven't seen this posted yet... I saw a few days ago an updated layout to +Google Maps On Android Auto on a customer's phone/car but mine wasn't updated yet, despite being in Beta for Maps... I believe it's a server side update which is why I didn't have it yet... In any case, this layout looks cleaner and less cluttered than the previous version... It also makes #Waze look slightly dated now...

#AndroidAuto #GoogleMaps
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Google needs to allow More type of Apps on Android Auto. I would love to have my Gas Tracking App and My Auto Maintenance App on Android Auto.

Long time since I did not post the numerous validation issues but since this is still an issue let's do that once again :)

In the middle of a beta cycle app got rejected with a cryptic:

App does not perform as expected
Your app does not perform all functions properly or as expected from a user perspective.

Problem being that between the 2 beta only 1 totally unrelated change was made and AA still works perfectly.

Update version code, compile push again, loose a few hours waiting and app will be validated.

I never had any answers in all those years but I guess it does not hurt to ask once again :)

Are there any Pixel 2 XL owners who also use Android Auto? My SMS messages come in just fine, but my MMS ones never show up on the Android Auto home screen. Do I need to adjust anything settings-wise in order to see/receive incoming MMSs on Android Auto?

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I haven't seen this posted yet... I just checked and +Google Maps on Android Auto now shows the option for Satellite view!!!

This took way longer than it should've... It doesn't seem to be the 3D map yet... But hopefully that will come eventually too!!

#AndroidAuto #GoogleMaps #PeopleStillUseCarPlayLOL
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Still No luck in fixing the black bar bug with xiaomi mi 8? Or does xiaomi have to fix it?

When will the Android Auto version for the 2019 Acura RDX be available?
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