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Today we have released the standalone update for Android Auto! This allows anyone with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use the Android Auto interface for directions, music, and messaging. Users no longer need to purchase a new compatible vehicle or head unit, it can work directly from your phone screen.

From a developer perspective, this release brings millions of new potential users for your Android Auto enabled apps. More users than ever will be looking for compatible messaging and media apps, so make sure you have support built into yours.

Is there the possibility to create custom google voice commands, which are handled by a custom app?

For example: "Is parking allowed here" - Answers with yes or no.
Or: "Start parking meter."

+Wayne Piekarski If I have a consistent problem in Auto that I'd like to report whom can I share the concern with? I tried through the play store but never heard anything. It's a consistent problem with a specific podcast every single week.

Just a quick question. Is it possible to flash android auto onto an android tablet? So that the tablet acts as the head unit? If so, how?

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During the Android Auto: The Road Ahead talk at Google I/O, the Auto team made a number of great announcements that you will be interested in.

It will soon be possible to run the Auto interface directly on a dash mounted phone, opening up Android Auto to all users, no matter what vehicle they have.

The Waze navigation app will also be coming soon to Android Auto as well!

So now is a great time to check that your messaging and media apps support Android Auto. Check out the video for more information, as well as a discussion about the future of Android Auto!

Does android auto work with 2015 versions of car? I have a Nissan altima 2015 and cant get it working. Wondering if Google could design android auto for all cars irrespective of the OS software running on the old car navi systems. 

is there a BETA APK with auto enabled for mobile?? 

Hi, I can see my messages in the message simulator but not in the running desktop-head-unit. The navigation... notifications will work, but not my ones. Do you have an idea ?

Recent versions of Auto limited the number of MediaItems displayed "for safety reasons". The latest Auto update changed the message it displays related to this and it now indicates the user can see more items when the car is "parked".

Is there a command for the Desktop Head Unit tool that will toggle parked/not-parked? 

+Wayne Piekarski Hi, I'm a student at the University of Georgia. I'm working on a group project in which we were tasked with creating an app for Android Auto. I am wondering if it is possible to build an app that integrates Google Maps? I've read that Android Auto only supports Media and Messaging Apps, but is it possible to build a messaging app that would notify drivers of places to visit along their route?

Ideally, users of our app would receive notifications that alert them to possible travel destinations nearby, and then can add the directions to their current trip.

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