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Wayne Piekarski

Discussion  - 
If you have been debating whether it is worth your time to add Android Auto support to your app, you should watch this short 20 minute talk that explains how easy it is to support Media or Messaging with Android Auto. I gave the talk recently at the Ubiquity Dev Summit and it has everything you need to know to get started - you don't have to rewrite your app, you just add extensions to it. The media support also works on Android Wear as well, so you get more support for free!

Check out the video here:

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Antoine Benoit

Discussion  - 
Voice support and android auto app validation are broken...

Our application keeps being rejected for not supporting voice controls such as "next". So I checked again the documentation and samples and can't find anything that we did wrong. What's more, we have no way to actually test this feature, because...

I tried this and other voice commands ("pause", "next song", "play jazz", "play rock", ...) on the Desktop Head Unit on the Universal Music Player (official sampe app) and Google Play Music, on 3 computers (Mac, Windows, Linux), on 2 diffrent phones (HTC One M8 and Nexus 5X), and I can't make any voice command work for them either in english or french. At best, I get a message saying Android Auto doesn't know what to do with my command, at worst, the DHU crashes.

The Android Auto Review team keeps rejecting our application, but we already implemented what is described in the guide (, and can't even try to copy what is done in the sample app, since it doesn't work either...

I fail to understand what we are supposed to do if :
- Doing what is stated in the official documentation (above) doesn't work
- The official Google app and the sample app also don't work on the Desktop Head Unit (I don't actually have a car to test them...)
- There is no official support to provide more information : the messages I get tell me to check the API guides, which I have already read multiple times, and stackoverflow (?!) which I have already searched also...

Anyone knows how to troubleshoot this ? Is there any actual Android Auto Technical Support Team that can review this and give us precise information about what can be wrong in our application ? Is there any way to make the Voice Commands work on the DHU with the official apps (and therefore be able to actually test the differences with our app) ?
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Android auto never work with BlackBerry Priv and audi smartphone interface. Blackberry told me the problem is on audi smartphone interface, Audi says the problem is on android auto App.

The specific problem is: when i put usb cable into the Phone android auto never start and audi smartphone interface never see the device. I think the problem is on blackberry usb driver, BlackBerry says the usb driver is the same of Android 5.1.1

Tanks for reading this.

Wayne Piekarski's profile photo
Have you tried getting in touch with support to see if they can help resolve your problem?
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Marlon Gaitan

Discussion  - 
Hello everyone
How long it take to google app store give stadistic about you app. Yesterday I upload a new app I have waiting for any informacion about estadistic but to this time I dont see anything in the development console any Idea  or sujesction
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Vadeg Ivanoff

Discussion  - 
Hello everyone!

I have a question about Android head unit. For example, I'm developing my custom head unit and I want to install Android on it with Android Auto support. Are there any images/bundles (or whatever) of Android for Head unit available which I can get and install on my custom hardware?

There are a lot of information about Android Auto but no information how to install Android Platform on my custom hardware.

Wayne Piekarski's profile photo
Android Auto is designed to run on the phone, and project the display onto a head unit installed into a vehicle. The display is designed to be very simple and just render pixels to the screen, basically.

There is no public information about how to make your own head unit, this is typically done by the auto manufacturer.
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Reuel Jose

Discussion  - 
Hi! I am a developer and I have a question about developing a navigation app using other third party offline maps and a web view app showing some images and information from the internet or possibly maps. Thanks!
Wayne Piekarski's profile photoReuel Jose's profile photo
In that case I will look into MirrorLink. Car manufacturers still support this protocol.

I don't think Google will expose their navigation app to other third party apps without using their maps.
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Channat Tem

Discussion  - 
Hello everyone - I am wondering why on SearchView I cannot type Khmer Unicode? I can only type English. When I type Khmer it doesn't show anything, but when I type English it is normal. Can you help me please? 
Channat Tem's profile photoWayne Piekarski's profile photo
Is this on Android Auto?
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Rac Csaba

Discussion  - 
Hi! Is it possible to have diference with sound volume level between phones on Android Auto? 
- Samsung Note 4 low sound volume level
- HTC One M8 and M9, Samsung S6 and S6 edge normal sound volume level

From the same Note 4 over BT Audio the sound is at normal volume level

What can couse this?

AA v.1.5.1
Android 5.1.1 
Kristian-Athanasios Vlachos-Pentersen's profile photo
I have the same problem with Samsung Note 4 --> Low volume in navigation, but normal over BT!

Have tried some other phones and they have normal sound in navigation.

Any way to have louder sound with Note 4?
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Chernyshov Yuriy

Announcements  -

As former team member of the SYNC related application development, I told this to my team mates 2 years ago. And finally, Ford agreed that it is better to allow Google Auto be in SYNC then trying to re-invent the wheel.
This year, Ford is adding in four compelling new ways to better connect to your SYNC 3-equipped Ford, including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, 4G LTE connectivity and a bouquet of new AppLink™ apps.
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Keri Ellis

Discussion  - 
Hi, I'm not a developer, only a frustrated user, but I have a question for developers. I'm in search for an Android Auto music player to play local files. Specifically, I'm looking for one that has these features:

1. A "favorites" section with separate subsections for playlists and songs for quick access to flagged playlists and songs.

2. A "shuffle library" button.

3. Ability to fast forward and rewind (preferrably using a long press on the skip buttons so another button doesn't take up the space)

4. Show album text name on the screen.

5. Have goto artist and goto album buttons in a secondary menu to start playing songs for the currently playing album or artist.

Is anyone currently developing a music app that can see if any of these features can be added for the Android Auto interface? Thanks!

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Barry Crawford

Discussion  - 
The most recent Android Auto update changed the PAUSE button on Google Play Music to a STOP button. Consequently, when you are listening to a song and arrive at your destination, regardless of whether you hit the STOP button or simply turn the car off, the next time you open Google Play Music in Android Auto the song you were previously listening to will start playing from the beginning rather than from the spot you left off. Hopefully, Google will bring back the PAUSE button so I don't have to listen again to the first 6 minutes of a 7-minute song!

I really like Android Auto and I would like to see one additional improvement. I think the contrast on the Maps display should be greater so that it is more visible in bright sunlight. It looks great in the evening when it is in night mode.
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About this community

This is the official community for Android Auto Developers on Google+. Android Auto lets you engage users in new ways while they're in the car. Find out how to get your app ready to hit the road!
Is it possible to send navigation data to the head unit in the form of a notification? The idea is to get the fuel level via a odb bluetooth adapter and as soon as the fuel in tank sinks to a certain point a notification containing the coordinates of the nearest gas station will be sent to the head unit. 
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Pedro Silva

Discussion  - 
Can a moderator point me to an email/board so I can try to understand why my pushes to production keep being rejected by GP? Replied to the email I got notifying that the app was reject but still no reply. Failing that would be nice to have the tests performed by the GP team to make sure this dance of me sending apk -> get rejected notification (repeat) will not happen in the future. Thanks
Pedro Silva's profile photoWayne Piekarski's profile photo
Can you post a link to the app here, or message me a link to it?
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Pedro Silva

Discussion  - 
I'm I the only one that can't see the developer options in the new version of the Android auto App? Can't test my App properly now....
Pedro Silva's profile photoRenato Mangini's profile photo
Ok, thanks for confirming. The error is reported internally. Thanks!
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Johannes Georg

Discussion  - 
Is there any possibility to hook in a custom maps app into the Android Auto framework? Are there any guide for that?
Johannes Georg's profile photoWayne Piekarski's profile photo
Those additional features are not possible at this time. Auto has a lot of restrictions imposed on it for legal and safety reasons, which restricts what can be done right now.
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Dear Google Auto engineers,
As some of you may know, I have small applications lives in the Google Play for Auto.
It is Open Radio:
I am constantly working on it and provided updates without any problem until recent month.
For unknown (for me) reasons all my updates got rejected and this is a point to discuss with the Google guys.
How do you think informative next resolution:
"Rejection reasons:
- Your app does not perform all functions properly or as expected from a user perspective.
It says nothing for me as developer.
So my concerns are
- did anything changed in the Google Auto that I am not aware of and all my updates rejected?
- is it possible to provide useful description about reason?

I am kindly looking forward for your comments because I need to solve this issue.

Thank you very much in advance!
Open Radio is the project which is use Android Auto SDK, innovative tool to...
Chernyshov Yuriy's profile photoWayne Piekarski's profile photo
Glad to hear you got it worked out!
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I've been having trouble with the DHU emulator on OSX the past few weeks. When launching from terminal I get this error about deprecated Carbon Component Manager. Has anyone else encountered this?
Wayne Piekarski's profile photoBrian Thomas Smith (Eutechnik)'s profile photo
Thanks for the response. This error still persists in the terminal, but if I ignore it, I can proceed testing with no problems - the audio input has been working for voice commands. The machine that shows the error is running El Capitan 10.11 and the Macbook that runs the DHU with no terminal errors is running Yosemite 10.10.
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I have a problem with android auto app (ver. 1.5) in huawei p8lite.
I try connecting phone (android 5.0.1) to opel Astra k.
It works but doesn't refresh screan.
I must tourn on or down the volumne and then screan updates.
This link example:
Wayne Piekarski's profile photoPrzemysław Maziarz's profile photo
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Hi guys,

I am having some troubles running my app on an AVIC-F77DAB. The app works fine with the emulator but is not even listed on the actual device. I already tried the same with the Android Universal Music Player example app but it is also missing from the music arrow menu. Its like my app is not searched for. Other apps from the market work fine. Tried signing apps, no success.

What could be the cause?
I would appreciate any response or idea you could have. 
Marcel Baur's profile photoVitaliy Schreibmann's profile photo
I already have the new firmware (1.03). The point I do not understand is why is working wind Play Store Apps but not with my, both using same configuration. 
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Avery Ma

Discussion  - 
I have a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid that is awaiting an Android Auto install. While there is little information about when (or even 'if') it will come in, rumor is that "Google needs to release it specifically for the hybrid". The poster alluded to the need for Google to include the car's Hybrid driving screens.

Does anyone know if there's truth to that?
Diego Carvalho's profile photoKeith Kepler's profile photo
Various hyundai forums have posts from Hyundai saying it will be released in a couple months. It will be a software update installed via USB and downloaded from 
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