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Today at CES, we are announcing support for the Google Assistant on Android Auto. You can now build conversational experiences that work in cars, using our Actions on Google platform.

Check out the blog post:

And learn more about developing for the Google Assistant:

We also have an Assistant developers community at

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I'm struggling with Auto reflowing a custom action of a media app from the secondary action card to the primary action card. Documentation and code samples (like Universal Music Player sample app) indicate you can prevent this behavior by reserving slots in the primary action card; by passing a few specific boolean extras to the MediaSessionCompat.setExtras(Bundle). All of these examples indicate an extra named "" can be used to reserve the queue button slot when there is no queue but I can't get it to work, even in the Universal Music Player sample app. Regardless of this extra value, if the queue is null or empty, Auto ALWAYS reflows one of the custom actions to the queue button position.

I've experienced this problem for a VERY long time (years) and recently started looking at it again in an attempt to find a way, any way, to get this extra to work as documented. For example, see the link below regarding Setting standard playback actions.

The two other boolean extras for reserving the Next/Prev button slots do work as documented. Does anyone know why the queue extra doesn't work?

Is anyone using Android Auto (just) from their phone? On my Google Pixel 2 XL the weather doesn't seem to appear anymore. On the main screen I get my calendar events, music currently playing, and maps (if it's being used).

How can I load user local images to be used in the MediaDescriptionCompat.Builder() for the list of media items the user can select. The images are not included in the apk as resources. I've tried setIconUri(Uri) using a "file://" and "content://" uri. But it just shows a black placeholder. So, I'm currently resorting to just creating a bitmap thumbnail and using setIconBitmap, but this is slower and takes more memory as I have to preload load ALL the bitmaps before the menu can be opened. Is there some kind of permission issue with accessing local content via the Uri? The only examples I've found setting setIconUri are for setting "android.resource://" which I can't do since the images are not resource images. What's the solution?

Does Android Auto require force update? I tried to install Auto v2.8 on my Pixel2 for regression testing, but it quits after opening and auto-upgrade to v3.0. Does it mean that Auto version below 2.9 is disabled?

So for the third time random false rejection of my application because of Android Auto.

Reason : "At this time, we are only accepting apps within the Media or short form Messaging categories for Android Auto. Media apps that use TSS engine readout for content are not permitted at this time."

Except that the application only use Media, no use of TSS or anything like that, respect everything and Auto part is unchanged since the first publish 4 month earlier.

Only difference with previous APK that was accepted : version number.

Solution: Update version number again republish and hope the bot does not bug. (Works 80% of the time).

This is quite a bad situation as the time lost and impact on release schedule is quite hard for something very few users do use.

What can be done to improve the situation or should I do like many and remove the Android Auto part?

We are OEM and want to build in AA head unit part into our device. What is the proper channel to contact Google about getting access to the source code

Can you integrate Corta as voice commands inside AndroidAuto? Because I use Corta for everything related to work. It would be very useful to continue to use even when I'm driving and arrive messages or e-mails and I need to take notes to review in the PC!

would it be too much to ask google to have more customizable features for android auto/mobile...

squared/rounded corners - like the headunits...

Where can i get Google certificate for android auto authentication. I've heard that Google provides two kinds of certificate
a. Developer certificate (for Android auto development - free)
b. Production certificate (for production)
If i want to develop Android Auto MW in linux platform , i need Developer certificate. Correct? So where can i get it?
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