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This is a place you can ind other relent links to artists in the music industry. This is a website I developed and am managing or impeccable skillz

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As mentioned in my first post.

The second is for an upcoming musical entertainer

I can tailor-make the website to your vision with no restrictions.

i also offer my services as an administrator to the site once its live.

This is a monthly fee ranging from $50 to 100$ depending on the level of work required.

In this price i will get the website hosted for you. monitor daily any interactions and updates that are required as well as be on hand to make any design or logistic changes that you may require through the life of your website.

So after you check the websites out be sure to +1 and share these posts.

I look forward to our future endeavors together

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My name is Michael white. I am the sole proprietor of White Mike Marketing

i offer my services in transitioning business's into the future via online development and and effective branding.

guaranteed to bring you a sizable market base weather you be a local company or a national one. Weather you sell merchandise, services, or even blogging

I have both the skill to gracefully create the website of your vision and the psychological background to ensure the penetration of your market base.

i have massive amounts of experience across web development, human psychology, and sales.

I have a B.S. in psychology

I have, most recently, built these two websites for customers

ill post the first below and the second on a separate post.

be sure to +1 or share it if you like what you see, thanks guys.

The first is for a local handyman company

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