Maybe there's some food in here..
Opens the door into the Mad Hatter's home and looks around with +Brat The PowerPunkGirl
There's some leftover grapes here...

Bowser, Kamek and the Koopalings watches as the Armada destroyed Wonderland and takes the castle of this community
Bowser: This is to easy... You expect a hero to come and at least slow us down.
ikr? Good thing that, Mario is a good for nothing marrying bastard. XDDD
Bowser: Bwahaha!!! Indeed son!
Wendy: The lovely fire. :)
Lemmy: :)
Iggy: We needs more destruction!!!!!!!
Wendy: We need to check the other communities to take over!
Bowser: Yes your right... Get ready, Koopalings and jr. After this place is destroyed. We're going on a PPG community hunt.
All: YAAAAY!!!!

Brat... Remember when I said that I would invite friends to this place a long time ago? I forgot that the Koopalings were in my circles... I checked the list and they're here. I just don't think they have been getting any notifications from here

+Brat The PowerPunkGirl 
Are we safe here..?

Flies to the communities fast after being killed by, Brat
... the Koopas are pissed off again...

Bowser: You all think you are safe from me?

eating grapes on the table

I invited peeps. :)

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