Name: cole Stevens
Student at VGHS
First person shooter:sniper

My first year in VGHS seems to be kinda easy but as we keep playing it gets harder and harder to play against good teams but I am still in one of the top five snipers in the school I may be single but you know it's high school and sometimes I even have to fill in for my teammate that always seems to be sick or he just doesn't want to come to the games cause he is scared that he is going to die in a one death match........

Any one want to role play 

Name: Sakura ran.
Age: 15.
Gender: female.
Race: neko.
VG genre: first player shooter and rpg games.
Point: 3069
Year in the school: just starting.
 Personality: can be childish at times, Messer, short temperature, stubborn, nice, quiet, distant shy, smart, sweet, friendly, cruel, cold, kind, caring.
Appearance: an small girl in an white strapless short dress and black high heels boots with her violet wrist length hair in a loose bun with two hair locks out and crimson and hazel eyes in her glasses with black cat ears and tail.
Dorm: no.
Bio: Sakura ran was just a little girl when her mother and father started her with the first game and she began her awesome gaming job.
 Crush: open.
Others: n/a.
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