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Dear alpha testers,

Please click on the following link to obtain the latest JStock Android -

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Upcoming brand new JStock Android is nearly completed.

Now, we are busy fine tuning the color scheme of the app.

Here's how dark theme will look like. We hope you will like it
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For upcoming brand new JStock Android, We decide to use blue + orange as our color theme.

It looks good to us. We hope it looks good to you too. Do you like it?

We will be appreciate, if you can tell us what you like and what you don't like, after using brand new JStock Android.

This will help us make JStock Android even better.

Hi developer. I've got one opinion in my mind. On the page that showing all the shares I added, I would prefer to see the exact value of increase or decrease, instead of percentage.

Can we have trial on the feature?


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We revise the coloring scheme, to make it more human friendly. We hope you will like it.
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Dear alpha testers,

So far, we had made 3 releases of alpha app.

I was wondering, how is your user experience so far. Do you like it?

Would like to hear some feedback from you guys!

Thank you.

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We are targeting to release of whole new JStock Android by mid of 2016.

It has an awesome user experience and tone of new features.

If you would like to gain early access to this new app, feel free to join "Yocto Alpha Testers" community. After joining, you shall receive an early preview of whole new JStock Android.

Here's how it looks like Please take note, It is not finalized yet.

I highly encourage you to provide me all kinds of feedback after using this app. This helps me to make this app even better, before making it production ready.

Thank you for your support.
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