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The Stone-Holders live in Dragonspears-a magical forest where the dragons call home, Elventopia-a domed city that was once destroyed by Trimeer but rebuilt and a protective spell put around it housing the elves, Dwarfan-a dwarven cavern built in a large cave, Nymphken-an underwater dome under a large lake where the nymphs live, Wizardlan-a large castle that houses the wizards, Griffinia-an air kingdom that the griffins call home, Phoenixsona-a village protected by a dome of fire that phoenixes and their friends live, Fairycrest-a forest full of mystery and magic with buildings made from trees that the fairies made themselves, Angelnye-a kingdom also in the air that has a purity dome around it, Magicesse-sorcerers and sorceresses call this palace of continual surprises home, Wyvernsage-a mountain side town that the wyverns build to take to their liking, and Unicopia-the ruins of their once majestic town still holds the unicorns, trying to rebuild.

NHL Teams:
Dragons: Arizona Phoenix Coyotes, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings
Elves: New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadiens, Tampa Bay Lightning
Dwarves: Nashville Predators, Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators
Nymphs: Washington Capitals, Columbus Blue Jackets
Wizards: Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs
Griffins: Florida Panthers, New York Islanders
Phoenixes: Philadelphia Flyers, Calgary Flames
Fairies: Winnipeg Jets, Saint Louis Blues, Carolina Hurricanes
Angels: Anaheim Ducks, Edmonton Oilers, San Jose Sharks
Sorcerers: Vancouver Canucks, Minnesota Wild, Dallas Stars
Wyverns: Chiacgo Blackhawks, Buffalo Sabers, Pittsburg Penguins

Followers of Trimeer:

People of Sanladen:
Amanda Nass-Me
Flame Nass-Me
Shane Doan-Me
Mike Smith-Me
Oliver Ekman-Larsson-Me
Zerum-Zerum Crowe
Talon-Saga Mouln
Avanton Tiberius Finero-Avanton Fineroson
Aikaterina-Zehra Rizvi
Jean McFrei-Samuel Pointer
Dianna-Sam Nightstranger

(+Audra Barrella  Continue)

Avanton growls You gotta be kidding me....

Name: Aikaterina
Age: fifteen
Gender: female
Side: Sanladen
Stone Type: Phoenix
Personality: Extremely introverted, anxious, and shy, though opens up to others, after a time.
Appearance: 5'7", She has a tan skin tone (midtone) and waist-length dark hair, the ends scarlet, and fiery orange wings. Her outfit (black and saphire blue) is to be determined, I'll draw her.
Weapons: Prefers archery, though in close combat uses a dagger
Family: N/A
Relationships: N/A

(I'll try to get mine done as Sain as possible...))

Those of you that haven't made a profile, could you please make one? I really want to try to get this community going! +Rosa Ship The High Functioning Sociopath +andri yansyah +Demetrius Duffau +Josh Rabinowitz +Maxwell Jones +Reanne Givahn The Limeblood
And also, share this with your friends! Have them join and make profiles!

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He nodded to Queen Storm Very well, milady (+Audra Barrella)

I decided I would also make Flame Nass' profile, since I'm planning on RPing as just him in some posts.

Name: Flame Nass
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Side: Sanladen
Stone Type/color: Red Phoenix
Human, Hybrid, or full Creature: Hybrid
Personality: Gentleman, quick-thinker, fast, skillful
Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, tall (6-8), muscular
Weapons: Sword, daggers, throwing knife
Family: Steve Nass (father, Half-Phoenix, fire), Ember Nass (older sister, Half-Phoenix, fire), Onyx Nass (younger brother, Half-Phoenix, fire) Aaron Nass (uncle, Half-Dragon, fire), Cathreen Nass (aunt, Dragon Hunter), Amanda Nass (Cousin, Half-Dragon, water, plays for the Phoenix Coyotes), Oliver Ekman-Larsson (cousin-in-law, Half-Dragon, repair, plays for the Phoenix Coyotes), Jessica Turna (step-cousin, Half-Elf, light, played for the New Jersey Devils, now plays for the Phoenix Coyotes)
Relationships: Amanda Nass-cousin, Shane Doan, Mike Smith, Oliver Ekman-Larsson-friends
Other: Flame's parents are deceased, Ember is part of the peace corps and travels around the world to help others, and Onyx is the lead singer in a band he started, Day's Rise, Night's End. Despite their busy schedules, they still manage to keep in touch and be a family every so often
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