People of Sanladen:
Amanda Nass-Me
Flame Nass-Me
Shane Doan-Me
Mike Smith-Me
Oliver Ekman-Larsson-Me
Zerum-Zerum Crowe
Talon-Saga Mouln
Avanton Tiberius Finero-Avanton Fineroson
Aikaterina-Zehra Rizvi
Jean McFrei-Samuel Pointer
Dianna-Sam Nightstranger

Followers of Trimeer:

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Avanton growls You gotta be kidding me....

Those of you that haven't made a profile, could you please make one? I really want to try to get this community going! +Rosa Ship The High Functioning Sociopath +andri yansyah +Demetrius Duffau +Josh Rabinowitz +Maxwell Jones +Reanne Givahn The Limeblood
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He nodded to Queen Storm Very well, milady (+Audra Barrella)

I decided I would also make Flame Nass' profile, since I'm planning on RPing as just him in some posts.

Name: Flame Nass
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Side: Sanladen
Stone Type/color: Red Phoenix
Human, Hybrid, or full Creature: Hybrid
Personality: Gentleman, quick-thinker, fast, skillful
Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, tall (6-8), muscular
Weapons: Sword, daggers, throwing knife
Family: Steve Nass (father, Half-Phoenix, fire), Ember Nass (older sister, Half-Phoenix, fire), Onyx Nass (younger brother, Half-Phoenix, fire) Aaron Nass (uncle, Half-Dragon, fire), Cathreen Nass (aunt, Dragon Hunter), Amanda Nass (Cousin, Half-Dragon, water, plays for the Phoenix Coyotes), Oliver Ekman-Larsson (cousin-in-law, Half-Dragon, repair, plays for the Phoenix Coyotes), Jessica Turna (step-cousin, Half-Elf, light, played for the New Jersey Devils, now plays for the Phoenix Coyotes)
Relationships: Amanda Nass-cousin, Shane Doan, Mike Smith, Oliver Ekman-Larsson-friends
Other: Flame's parents are deceased, Ember is part of the peace corps and travels around the world to help others, and Onyx is the lead singer in a band he started, Day's Rise, Night's End. Despite their busy schedules, they still manage to keep in touch and be a family every so often

((Continue +Chad Stryker))
We try to question the commander but he refuses to talk, same with his second- and third-in-command. Finally, Oliver and I go back outside to talk with Mike and Shane about what to do

All was still. The moon was out, shining on the lakeside camp. Trimeer's soldiers were relaxing, playing cards, sleeping, and none noticed their sentries fall, one by one. Suddenly, an arrow thuds into a man, dropping him in an instant. He falls with a scream and everyone freezes. In the silence, a battle cry rises up and a fully armored, dark-skinned man charges the gates followed by scores of armored soldiers. In the shock of the moment, as a direct attack was completely unheard of, the man, now recognizable as Lord Avanton Tiberius Finero, hacks through a group of soldiers and waves his people forward., striking down more soldiers with every blow ((OPEN))

Name: Avanton Tiberius Finero
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Side: Sanladen, (Formerly Trimeer)
Stone Type/color: Gold and Black (If that's okay)
Species: Human/Elf/Dragon Hybrid
Former Position: (Head of the Dragon Hunters)
Personality: Silent and strong, he doesn't talk much unless its about defeating Trimeer. No matter what you do, NEVER ask about his family or his past other than if he has any. Don't as HOW, don't ask WHEN, don't ask ANYTHING besides, "Do you have any family?" It's still a sore spot, considering his former position.

Appearance: Standing at 6'5, Avanton towers above most beings. His broad shoulders are muscled from forging and fighting. The rest of his body is muscular as well, but as he normally wears a suit of armor, it is only apparent when he's swinging his giant battle axe with one hand. He has a mix  of golden and red eyes. His dark skin gives him away in crowds, the color of chocolate He has numerous scars across his body and his teeth are slightly pointed, but his ears are elf-like, giving him a feral appearance. His armor has a red dragon head on the front, the design as if it was facing forward. It's head however, is adorned by a wreath of leaves, symbolizing his ties to the elves as well. His helm has the crest of the humans on it, a large shield with  a crown with a sword through it, pointing downwards. He carries his stone around his neck and uses his sword as a medium for its power.

Weapons: Lightbringer: A magical elven longsword, Oathkeeper: A magical elven shield, Shadowcrusher: battle-axe

Family: Tibeirus Finero: Dragon-Father (Deceased, not killed by him) Ariella Finero: Mother-Elf/Human (Deceased, not killed by him) Talia Finero:  Older Sister-Human/Elf (Deceased), Emerald Finero: Younger Sister-Dragon/Human (Deceased)

Relationships: Single, and all of his family are deceased, killed personally by Trimeer. He holds a huge grudge and wishes to execute him personally.

Other: Born in Dragonspears, but being well-versed with each of the creatures in the world. He's been leading a resistance of over 1,000 for 2 years and after hearing about Amanda Nass, has decided to join her.
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