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I made a new ref for my fursona angel and finally a bit more about her.

maned wolf/wolf hybrid
birth day: 24-02-1996
gender: Female
height: 175 cm
Personality: happy, crazy, helpfull, loves (almost) everything, impasiant, Nerdy,

Likes: rainbows, sunshine, being around friends, stikking out here tong,
Food/drinks: carrot cake, sushi, ice tea, tea, coffee, salmon, avocado,
Hobby's: drawing, crafting, horseriding, cooking,
Clothes (if she wears them): t-shirts, tanktops, shorts, jogging pants, crop tops, soft hoodies, soft sweaters,

Dislikes rain, anoying people,
Food/drinks: cola, Fries,
Clothes:itchy clothing, turtle necks
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Looking for: points (more for Some oc's), art (picky for Some oc's), adopts/oc's (just picky)

I want art of angel and devil
And Sparkle

All oc's + art
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I made this line art of my fursona angel 

Hello, I'm Kade wolf. I'm a writer and artist who does commissions for points. And before you ask yes I do yiff. (Why do so many ask that) but I also do serious works and am currently working in a novel. 

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Hey there! I just wanted to start getting my art our and letting people know that I'm doing commissions now! Here's some of my work, please message me if you're interested!

Calling all furries!
Come and check out this new site i made!
It’s still in early development but i’d love it if lots of furries joined.

Remember, feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about this site and give suggestions.

Come and check it out ^w^ :

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I made it

thanks for the invite1
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