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Oh my god my voice! If only you could here my voice right now!

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Tigerstar:Attention every cat were having a meeting

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Here's the description...

Dark forest cats are:tigerstar(leader of dark forest)-+Mapleshade leader of dark forest
Mapleshade:+Mapleshade leader of dark forest(deputy)
Hawkfrost:(warrior/mentor)+skylerwolf lps
Dapplefeather:(most trusted friend and also a power cat)+ skylerwolf lps
Thistleclaw:as no one
Clawface:as no one
Scourge:as no one
Brokenstar:as no one
Sparrowfeather:as no one
That's it for dark forest I believe
Thunder clan cats
Bramblestar:(leader of thunder clan)as no one...maybe
Squirrelflight:(deputy of thunder clan)she already taken can't say any names yet until she gets Google+
Leafpool:(medicine cat)as no one
That's it let me know for me plz thx

Hi ppl plz plz plzzz comment down below to join my community of warrior cats roleplay of any clan plzzz

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Snowstar: welcome to my clan plz enjoy it and if traitors ur mine grrr
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