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Stegoseed: Hiding Bitcoin Keys In Plain Sight

James Stanley, a Bristol-based software developer, has developed a tool that steganographically encodes #Bitcoin wallet seeds. Stegoseed essentially gives Bitcoin users the ability to hide funds in plain sight.

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For anyone just getting started with Bitcoin the first thing needed is a #wallet. There are a slew of Bitcoin wallets to choose from however make sure security is the top priority in your selection. Securing your #Bitcoinwallet is of the utmost importance when storing cryptocurrency.
New to bitcoin? Learn about how #Bitcoinwallets are used to make deposits with online casinos accepting Bitcoins as payment methods. Coinbase and are two of the most popular online Bitcoin wallets although there are a number of options secure wallet.

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Blockchain is not humanity’s last word in creating decentralized financial systems that are globally accessible and independent of state governments, stock exchanges, financial institutions, banks and other middlemen. The current sophistication of blockchains and cryptocurrencies and the innovations they have sparked suggest we are on the right track to creating a truly independent financial system. Will it be ideal?

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The Practice of Predicting the Price of Bitcoin

The hereditary gift of prophecy will go to the grave with me,” the infamous ‘super forecaster,’ Nostradamus, said in the year 1555. Indeed, there have been many investors and economists who tried to predict bitcoin’s price value over the years. Some of them have been significantly on point with their predictions, while others have been way off target.

For instance, Yves Lamoureux, president and chief behavioral strategist of macroeconomic research firm Lamoureux & Co., recently predicted that bitcoin will “eventually catapult” to at least US$25,000 or more.

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"GENESIS MINING FARM CONFIRMED!" Alias office, Real Farms, Ryan''s Burst Faucet 

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Clearly Corda is NOT a cryptocurrency.
But I thought Richard Gendal Brown's project is truly revolutionary in its own right.

In that it looks like could finally put an end to the need paper in the corporate world. Which is probably the least of all the potential things it could transform.

But perhaps the thing that gave me the most respect for his writing was the fact that he does not use the word #Blockchain anywhere in the article. ;-)

#DistributedLedger #Corda #R3 #Fintech

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