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i would like to join Isaac lee as his co-boss in his dauntless faction

Name: Ethan (Rex) Ni

Age: 16

Birth Faction: Dauntless

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Divergence: Yes

Aptitude: Candor, Erudite, Abnegation

Likes: Organized order, fighting, protecting

Dislikes: When someone hurts another, loud noises 

i'm a masked dauntless


The next meeting for me and Andrea is taking place at the Candor headquarters. I never have visited this particular area of Chicago before, seeing as faction leader meetings were typically held at Erudite headquarters. However, I can quickly navigate the halls and I reach the sector of the building with Andrea's office 7 minutes and 42 seconds ahead of the planned time. I do not believe she will mind me being a bit early, but it would be more courteous to wait a few minutes before entering. As I near her office, I can hear a conversation from inside. Andrea's quiet yet fierce voice is the first I hear. But to my surprise, the second voice is familiar as well: it is the voice of Isaac Lee, the Dauntless faction leader.

((Well that was...interesting.))

If you haven't made a character yet, please do! :)

((Open +Kyoko Sakura))

I sit at my desk, thoughts racing through my head. What could the Dauntless be up to? I know Andrea could not have lied—she's the leader of Candor. And she had Erudite help, so her research was clearly well done. But I grew up in Dauntless. They are very close to my heart, despite me preferring Erudite. I can't imagine them doing anything dangerous, but what else would they have to hide? What did you discover? Andrea opens her mouth to tell me. She says…

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Name: Cassandra "Cass" Singer

Age: 17

Birth Faction: Dauntless

Chosen Faction: Erudite

Divergence: Yes

Aptitude: Dauntless, Candor, Erudite

Likes: Erudite, reading, Dauntless, music, quiet

Dislikes: war, Amity, spiders, very loud noises


Faction Leader:
Cass Singer (+Turtle Shayna)

Faction Members:

(Open +Isaac Lee)

I'm visiting Dauntless headquarters at their leader's request. He didn't explain why in the notice he sent me, but I suppose I'll find out soon enough. Walking through these halls reminds me of my days as a Dauntless child. But those days are long gone. In only one short year, I have risen to the position of the Erudite faction leader: a huge honor. Lost in my thoughts, I don't realize that I walk straight into a Dauntless man.

OK so here are the rules:

1. 5 Divergents per faction (this may change if I get enough members).

2. You may not use any actual swear words but you can do things to indicate that your character is swearing.

3. One character at a time! Please ask before killing off your character.

4. Faction leaders will be the first person to join the faction, but will change to the most active member.

5. No intense romance! Kisses and crushes are acceptable, but nothing more than that.

6. Create your character in the Faction Members section, and the faction lists will be in that section so you will know when you are added, but you don't need to wait to be on the list to start with RP!

7. Be nice to everyone else (your character can be rude obviously but not you)!!!

8. Ask if you want to be a character from the books!

9. When choosing the picture of your character, the picture can be of anyone from you to Lady Gaga!

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This is a model character sheet done with Tris (I'm not Tris though).

Name: Beatrice "Tris" Prior

Age: 16

Birth Faction: Abnegation

Chosen Faction: Dauntless

Divergence: Yes

Aptitude: Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite

Likes: Tobias Eaton, Abnegation food, heights, running, capture-the-flag, Dauntless

Dislikes: Jeanine Matthews, crows, guns, Erudite, stairs.
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