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Does anyone have an experience with Sensory Deprivation Tank/Chamber? It's a "new" form of meditation and it sounds really great. You can read more at: .

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Peace and Blessings! The event for tomorrow has been set for a NEW date. April 5th will be our day to have a new conversation about HEALING!! Join us for an insightful and transformative experience!! Namaste: the LIGHT in me salutes the LIGHT within You! XXOXX.....Hue

"According to the Law of Cause and Effect, which works from image, idea and believe to form, it follows that in mental healing one must rise above the belief, the idea and the form which produce the disease. No matter what such a belief may be, he must rise in consciousness to the perception of the pure stream of Life which is unconditioned, unhampered and unimpaired in Its movement. He must see through the apparent condition, which is real enough so far as It goes, to the Reality, which is perfect."-Ernest Holmes
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