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If only I had enough guts to tell my girlfriend this, if only.

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MY TRIBUTE TO ALPHONSE MUCHA and thank you for the inspiration  It is the most amazing thing to me that one minute your life is moving down the " lane" and the next second you "spot an opportunity" and your choice is to shift some gears and take your life in a totally new direction---or not.  I will thank every one of my #LuckyStars forever that I had the courage to take the exit.  It has been amazing what the #ParaGraving--PowerPenWorld has become in my life and living.  

I call it my #PassionatePrescription  and I have aggressively shared it for almost forty years now.  I think that the Power Pen might perhaps really be the "coolest tool" on the planet.  Only time will tell---but as the Father of Ultra-high-Speed #PowerCarving... I will be eternally appreciative of the little "whisper" that blew into my world in the spring of 1977 and changed a lot of peoples lives---and their #ProfitableHobbies for the good.  I has been quite a journey to say the least.

SOMEONE TOLD ME... "I'll bet you can't do that to an eggshell... and I hate being told that I can't do anything.  Just like +Mel Joines always says... "Hold my coffee and just watch this..."  A couple of people have suggested that I brag about this super unique world a bit too much---but the truth is---it is all the people who have come to play with me in this amazing WHOLE NEW WORLD we have uncovered---that I love bragging about now.  

But just for the record... one day---some day in the future---what got it's start about now---will reach out and touch the future of the HANDMADE CRUSADE the world is now facing.  As artifical intelligence, robotics and the computerized everything hits this world of ours---HAND MADE - HEART MADE - AND SOULWORTHY things will become the most priceless objects on this earth.  MARK MY WORDS... someone.

I call it my #PassionatePrescription  now... and if you are searching for yourself---then organize a little "studio" space for yourself.  Dust of a table top where you can start creating--and jump in with the #I&E Network and come play with all of us.  All it take is a little taste of crazinerss---and you will be off to the races.  
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