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Hello everyone and welcome to the friends 2 the movie group now I'm gonna need some voice actors like it can be ur own charter or the out cast character in my series I'll post a script for u to voice

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OwO hi

i deicide not to have voice actors cause it well take a lot of time so sorry guys but ill stick to text speechs but plz send me ur charters if u want

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When your siblings didn't close the goddamn door like you asked them to:
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Hey! I just got the notification, and I would love to voice act for this!
I can be anyone. :)

Well good day my friends how are we all doing?

Thanks for the invite I hope i can meet your expectations
BTW....I don't have a mic....soooooo....I honestly don't now how this is going to work, but either way i'll try my best!!!!!

Thanks for the invite Nicanoodle02!
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