The Shopaholic 2

S1/E16 (pt 2 of 2)

She has never broken a nail! She is so lazy and useless. She has gone to the best schools, went to more that 200 countries, speaks over 10 languages including Indonesian and her mother wanted us to just “forget it!” That’s not how the agreement works. Her good life was in exchange for her soul. Whatever she drank, whatever she wore, whatever expensive perfume she wore – she really loved those! Just drained her more and more – affirming the covenant
And when we came to collect. She was like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”. You know, humans really make us appear, to be stupid.  And that is unacceptable! We don’t mind that they think we don’t exist- it actually makes our job much easier. But, come on. Seriously?
The covenant can never be broken. And, if they had to be broken it will take years and the soul will have to be presented fully to their Saviour.  Apparently born again, that what they call it. Just, because human beings think that they can play with their God – make vows and not fulfill them, sin and ask for forgiveness. Unfortunately, not with darkness. The rules have never changed and will never until the end of time.

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S1/E15(pt. 2 of 4)
-Did we really have to bring her here?
-But, we never bring humans here, why her
- She is special case-
-We need to get rid of her Nardo, we can’t keep her here. There’s clearly not enough room for the both of us already.
-Come on Bennardo, everything will be okay. Lo
-You know, I can’t explain it. It’s as if I knew her from the other world, I just can’t recall, but I feel this deep connection with her.
-You’re a ghost Nardo! Ghosts don’t have feelings.
-She is waking up… Be nice!
-Talk to her
-What should I say?
-Ask her, her name.
-Why, do I have to do everything? It was your idea…
-That’s okay I speak English
-You can see me?…
-Well, yeah…Ammm… Am I not suppose to see you?
-Aaah…No!… Great! She can see me Bennardo. She can see me! You know what this means
-That, you’ll be more irritating then before you were invisible?…
-It’s a matter of time before I fully re-visualise and I will be able to live like a normal human being again. Perhaps, not the normal part, but

The Legend of NARDO

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Shopaholic 2

S1/E16 (pt 1 of 2)

- So, Nardo we meet again. I see you have already met our payment .
-Her mother vowed and it cannot be reversed.

-You see, as you must know.
-So, you’re not familiar with the sacrifices of Molech. “Not making your children to walk in fire”, a law which the Alpha & Omega, passed on to His disobedient children. Always wanting what other people have and do not realise what they have.
As the saying goes: “You never realise what you have until you lose it”. I believe you can testify to that.
Well, moving on to the vow. The Loboutina family have made a vow since AD 12 - currently two thousand years now. To give their first-born daughters as a sacrifice to the goddess Ashtoreth and she in return will give them wealth, by commanding demons not to hinder their success. I mean, that’s how the formula works with the darkness. I do not get it when humans ask their God to make them rich or wealthy. Instead, they should ask Him to give them power to create wealth, that’s how the formula works with the light.
Oh well, that’s humans, never changed, since the beginning of time. Destroying themselves; while thinking that they are actually building. Look at the world. More technology, global warming. Nowadays we do not even need to try to bring hell here. They are already doing it themselves – making our lives easier...

The Shopaholic

S1/E15 (pt. 1 of 4)

-How did you meet them?
- Let me tell you a story. Around 1892 BC, a man was sitting at the gates of a great city and upon lifting his head, he saw two men approaching from the horizons. He welcomed them and begged them to lodge with him for the night, for he knew that that city was evil and it could be every dangerous for them, besides bad things happened all the time. To prove that, not long before they washed their feet, for it was customary in those parts, and ate. The men of the city both young and old surrounded the house, asking the man to bring out those men that just came in, to them; so that they may know them. The man refused, the crowd began to force themselves into the house, but the two men came pulled the owner of the house inside, hit the crowd hard with blindness; and shout the door behind them.
After that, the two men told him that the end of the world was near. And urged the man that if you have any family or relatives in that city to please bring them out, be it daughters or sons-in-law. For the evilness of the city has made our father angry and we will destroy it to night, for they were sons of Great Lord. So the man quickly went out and told his sons-in-law, but they did not take him seriously. They thought he was joking!
Before break of dawn the two men urged the man to take his wife and two daughters and get out of the city. As they were taking too long the men took them by hand as well the women, for the wasn’t enough time, and dragged them a distance away from the city for this God was merciful.
They told to him to escape for your lives, look not behind you, nor stay in the plains nearby, escape to the mountains or you’ll be consumed. But the man saw that the mountains were very far and asked them if he could go to a small town which was not as far as the mountains. The two men agreed and promised him that they will not begin until he has made it to that town. Just when he arrived, the Lord of Fire rained fire and brimstones on the cities.
While running along the way the man’s woman stopped and looked behind. She was immediately turned into a pillar of salt to this day. But that is not all what happened the inhabitants of the cities’ souls where turned into stones as well and today have incorporated themselves in what you call mannequin and now under the leadership of Gomorrah they have come to take revenge. Fueling the desire of man to want even what they do not need. And that is what’s happening to her.

The Legend on Nardo - The Belt

The Legend of Nardo - The Belt, tells of a young man who wanted to become a model, unfortunately he did not meet the criteria - he was too short! Yet, he was still determined to become even a petite model. In the meantime, his parents were forcing him to take up a course in the field of Engineering. Until one night when he fulfilled another criteria and released Nardo. Little did he know that he had fulfilled a prophecy and that Nardo was the Lord and Guardian of Fashion. He had the power to open the portal to the parallel universe - the Fashion World.
Bennardo was now given a chance to explore the world where nothing seems as it seems. Along the journey he finds out that his mission, was not only to achieve his dream as a model, but something more, even beyond his understanding...and also rescue the Fashion World from the harsh magic of the evil Lacartama, Diana's former head stylist and queen of all demons. Their journey is smoothed by the arrival of Chanel, a girl they rescued from the Gomorrian demons. Now, they both have to help Nardo, find the first element - the belt - hidden in one of the Fashion domains. It is only when all the elements are one can Nardo defeat Lacartama forever.
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