walks in the unicerse 11 see of every life seeing everything ..

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jiren the grey

I want to train badly but. Ill be such useless

opens portal
Oh Jesus a alien, a saiyan? This is amazing.... Welp I came here to tell yall about my tournamental battle royal. Basically if you win your respective universe will be high on top of the strongest universe in fiction. Also what ever you desire, besides that you may watch or battle in the battle royal... I'm hoping to see the alien and saiyan!

pokes the air making a crack in the sky
Oops give me a sec wrong dimension
pokes the upwards and flys up, I then snap my fingers fixing it

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Name: aikon
Likes: training,eating donuts,relaxing
Dislike: annoying people,poking,people who calls me weak
Transformation: ssj,ssj2,raizustate,ssjprime
Weapons: fists
Powers: Moves:solar flare,blue blaze destruction,azure cannon,crimsion cannon,ring boost,ring seal,vanishing fire shot,nova explosion,electric burst,snake wave,prism beam,final hope
Azure style moves:contaminant sphere,dancing sphere,blue dragon dance,protection spiral,rapid burst,spirit cutter,twin dragon dance,raioken 1-30,spirit burst,blue seed,ki thorn,balanced blaze
Favorite powers: azure cannon
Born in universe:???

13 years ago planet vegeta was destroyed but some of remaining saiyans escaped to another planet were i was raised but as the saying goes history repeats itself and that planet was destroyed the other saiyans escaped and sent there kids to different planets but i landed on earth at the age of 7 i was found by my master a younge but strong fighter who taught me how to fight along with his other students but one day while coming back from gathering lots of fruits for my friends i found them all dead i know a few escaped though on that day ive never felt so much anger then on that day i transformed into a super saiyan and swore i would become stronger and one day nake my own dojo to train other students like my master did


Hmm who wants to spar

Name: zero
Race: half saiyan half angel
Likes: everything he get hold of stuff myself with food
Dislike: get yell at. mis correct me. Being called grammar
Transformation: super saiyan and kaioken x20
Weapons: fists
Powers: dodon ray and kikoho
Favorite powers: super kamehameha
Born in universe:???

Bio: zero is a lonely being in the universe he going try stay in universe 11 if there life can let me live and stay and seen this warrior found me .

going eats some universe 11 foods alot like 54 meals each plates because im a saiyans they got big belly but im skinny little strong mmmm tasty

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