Name :Purvi Sampat
Class :10 D
Class Teacher :Mrs. Lazarus
House :Taj Mahal
Year in which joined school :When i was in LKG
Year of graduation : ----

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Hello pals! Its been a while huh...came across this would y'all like if we try to pump sum life into it again?!

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a link to our skools history , beauty and enthusiasm

School started!!!! Hey everybody! If you like, please post your class data and subject teachers!

+Sukanya Garg  Welcome Home!!!

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too gud!!!!!!!!!
Pete Fecteau spent 40 hours configuring a monumental mosaic of Martin Luther King Jr. made entirely out of Rubik's Cubes called Dream Big. With a computer generated draft as his blueprint, the determined creator used 4,242 Rubik's Cubes to construct the 18' 6" x 9' 8" piece that, once completed, weighed about half a ton.

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Animated Photo

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