Hello guys. I updated to RR-N-v5.8.2-20170218-n7100-Milestone. Here are some of my observations:

1. Reboot (and corresponding options like reboot to recovery, etc.) option missing from power menu.

2. Color customization of icons on the status bar gone (they are all white now) - I miss this feature badly.

3. Kernel Aduitor and AdAway are missing from the ROM (although we can install from Play Store & F-Droid)

4. Heads up per app feature removed from Android M. It is now a global setting - this is a bad change!

5. Hate the forced "peek" feature at Level 6 and integration with Heads Up - not too happy with the Power Notifications - for example, I would like to keep the Notification bar (from Power Toggles) and Data Manager on top of all notifications. For this, I can set their notifications at Level 6. But the problem is they then start "peeking" almost every minute, whenever we are trying to do something else. The only way then is to turn Heads up to OFF. In that case, we don't even get to see the caller when a call comes. Does anyone know how to keep a notification on top whilst preventing 'peeking' with Heads up ON.

6. Some apps like Power Toggles and All-in-One gestures are not working properly (although these apps worked well on Android M)

7. Data usage for WiFi is always 1 month from today and no option to customize.

They have fixed quite a few issues compared to Marshmallow - like screen overlay problems, app permissions, etc.

Kindly comment with your views. Thanks.

looking to try out Nougat on my old note 2(6.0.1)Resurrection Remix,have to find the link first.

Just updated Note2(7100) RR 5.6.9- 20160610 and when I click on send the number to call,my note just reboots.anyone else have this issue.been on this Resurrection remix ROM since it was released and never had a problem.
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