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Even when split up, this is a decent song

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Guy does Blue In 25 Different Styles (Ala-Anthony Vincent) And it's just awesome.

Any recent news?

Does anybody (fan or official) know what drum machines, VSTs and Effects samples Eiffel 65 used? Especially for the Europop album.

Also if anybody knows where the sound effect from the intro to "Blue" originated from tell me too!

Jeffrey posted a new profile picture on Facebook when he updated his cover photo for his new single. His profile photo seems like an album cover photo. Anyone else think an album announcement is coming soon? If you listen to Dino, who is collaborating with him on Jeffreys new single, he has a very 90s dance sound.

Muito top Eiffel 65 fã desde 2000 falo do Brasil
Gostaria muito de conhecer o grupo ir num show talvez abraço sucesso abraço

Jeffrey jey lega get a 1 millions views on youtube, but something isnt right, he has only 69 comments, where it very low, and really dont match the number of views or likes. do you think he buy views? i read that a lot of people do this nowdays.

Jeffrey posted a screenshot of a computer with music production software shown. Does anyone know if this represents a single track(showing all the layers) or a project with multiple tracks(an album)? Unfortunately all the identification info is blurred out.

Happy two year anniversary of the release of Eiffel 65 - Panico/Critical!

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Jacksfilms mentioned them in YIAY. I had to show you guys. BTW I love Jacksfilms.
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