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⭐︎Rule 2: Be nice to others and do not bully only in RP!⭐︎

⭐︎Rule 3: This is an Academy so you have to be 18 or older!⭐︎

⭐︎Rule 4: Do not hate on other peoples post⭐︎

⭐︎Rule 5: If you do not follow the spamming rule or bully rule off of RP then I will give you 3 chances and the third one your _DEAD_⭐︎

⭐︎Rule 6: Follow the Rules and Have the best time here!⭐︎


Profile Template!


⭐︎Killer Nickname:


⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?:






⭐︎Martial Status:

⭐︎Hair Color:

⭐︎Eye Color:

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one):

⭐︎Blood Type:


⭐︎Past Careers:





⭐︎Bad Habits:

⭐︎Killer Status:

⭐︎Crime Coefficient:

⭐︎Targets(if any):

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty):

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Killer name:lil killer
Sycopath or captured human:sycho
Blood types:ab positive
Past career:hacking computers
Likes:computers, wolf's
Weakness:water, hitting girls
Bad habits:hurting him self
Killer status:killed 20 people
Crime coefficient:2
Bio:lives with dad hate him he abuses him that's why he is sycho he wants to kill him his mom left them so he wants to find her he loves her he used to be a spy he sings all the time but does not like singing but he does it any way he go's and studies plants and makes robots


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⭐︎Name: Jinjo Orakuji

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Poison Serpent

⭐︎Age: 23

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Psychopath

⭐︎Birthday: Oct. 31

⭐︎Height: 6'4"

⭐︎Weight: 165 lbs

⭐︎Sexuality: Bisexual

⭐︎Abilities: He has many abilities and ways of killing, some of them are: Heretics Fork, Lead Sprinkler, The Breaking Wheel, & Saw Torture, he really likes killing in medieval ways.

⭐︎Martial Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: White

⭐︎Eye Color: Changes

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): Korean

⭐︎Blood Type: AB-

⭐︎Parents: Deceased

⭐︎Past Careers: He's been killing most of his life

⭐︎Likes: Killing, Watching people die, Torturing, Blood

⭐︎Dislikes: People who threaten him

⭐︎Strengths: Killing & Torturing people

⭐︎Weaknesses: Not being able to kill/torture

⭐︎Bad Habits: Cracking his knuckles

⭐︎Killer Status: Cold-hearted fiend

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: 99.5

⭐︎Targets(if any): Anyone special enough to "play" with...

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): Unknown, all he remembers is killing people
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⭐︎Name: Shion

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Genocide Jack

⭐︎Age: 18

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Psychopath

⭐︎Birthday: Sept. 7th

⭐︎Height: 5'6"

⭐︎Weight: 119lbs

⭐︎Sexuality: Bisexual

⭐︎Abilities: Shooting long/short range, using knives

⭐︎Martial Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: Used to be black, but turned white

⭐︎Eye Color: Red

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): Japanese

⭐︎Blood Type: AB

⭐︎Parents: Karan (Mom), Father (Unnamed)

⭐︎Past Careers: Worked in a little cafe

⭐︎Likes: Sweets, killing girls, blood, lilacs, guns and throwing knives and his friend Nezumi

⭐︎Dislikes: Girls (A little), his dad, people who threaten h

⭐︎Strengths: Using a knife and shooting

⭐︎Weaknesses: Being outside for too long

⭐︎Bad Habits: Starring without talking

⭐︎Killer Status: Known well by the police

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: 92.8

⭐︎Targets(if any): Mostly girls who're rude or threaten him . . . or just doesn't like :9

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): (I CHANGED IT PAN! >:3)
Shion grew up as an elite member of the No. 6 society. He lived with his mother in an upscale home in Chronos until the age of 12 when he was stripped from his title for helping Nezumi escape. Since then, they lived in the suburbs of No. 6 also known as the Lost Town. His mother currently works as a baker, while he worked for the city until he was arrested for the suspected murder (in the anime it's for doubting the system). He was about to be taken to a correctional facility until Nezumi rescued him and forced him out of the city.

Not too long after he began staying with Nezumi, Shion developed the warning signs of being infected by a parasite that had begun plaguing No. 6. He managed to survive because Nezumi extracted the parasite just in time; the infection did, however, leave permanent scars and other changes on his body. Since he made it out of the full effects of the infection, Shion believes that he can warn and help cure the city of it.
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⭐︎Name: Yuno Gasai

⭐︎Killer Nickname: (Hm, idk any ideas?)

⭐︎Age: 18

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Psychopath

⭐︎Birthday: Nov. 16

⭐︎Height: 159 cm

⭐︎Weight: 49 kg

⭐︎Sexuality: Straight

⭐︎Abilities: Kill with any weapon around

⭐︎Martial Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: Pink

⭐︎Eye Color: Pink

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): Japanese

⭐︎Blood Type: O

⭐︎Parents: Ushio and Saika Gasai (Foster Parents)

⭐︎Past Careers: Student

⭐︎Likes: Sweet things and boys

⭐︎Dislikes: People who try to take her manzzz

⭐︎Strengths: Killing

⭐︎Weaknesses: Her boyfriend (That she doesnt have at the moment)

⭐︎Bad Habits: Getting Jealous easily and stalking guys she likes

⭐︎Killer Status: She's stealthy

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: 100 (.__. various murders)

⭐︎Targets(if any): Just girls who steal her man.

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): (A very said past ;__;) Yuno was adopted by her foster parents at a young age, her umbilical cord left to her as a present from her original parents, but was kept at the orphanage. Yuno's life was a happy one for several years until the strain of money began to emotionally and psychologically affect her parents. Yuno's father stayed away at work until the late hours and barely interacted with his family. Yuno's mother began to abuse her, wanting her to become the "perfect citizen," eventually locking her in a cage and timing everything she did, from sleeping to eating. Yuno's mother went to the extreme, leaving Yuno to starve and at times force-feeding her inedible materials, although it is implied in the anime that Yuno did this to herself to survive. While Yuno's father was objective to his wife's severe treatment of Yuno, he did little to nothing to stop her. In the anime, Yuno's mother was ill and believed she was a terrible wife and mother, and believed punishing Yuno was her only way to earn happiness.
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⭐︎Name: Toko Fukawa

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Genocider Syo/Genocide Jack or Jill

⭐︎Age: 19

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Psychopath

⭐︎Birthday: March 3

⭐︎Height: 5'4"

⭐︎Weight: 104lbs

⭐︎Sexuality: Straight

⭐︎Abilities: Genocide Jack is a professional serial killer who never got caught since her first time committing a murder. She only kills handsome men and always kills them in the same style: crucifies them with her custom scissors.

⭐︎Martial Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: Purple

⭐︎Eye Color: Red

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): Japanese

⭐︎Blood Type: O

⭐︎Parents: Not known

⭐︎Past Careers: Student

⭐︎Likes: Adorable boys, and scissors

⭐︎Dislikes: Unadorable boys and girls

⭐︎Strengths: Killing Handsome men

⭐︎Weaknesses: Adorable boys :9

⭐︎Bad Habits: Stalking guys she likes

⭐︎Killer Status: Unknown due to stealthiness

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: 99.9

⭐︎Targets(if any): Handsome men

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty):
Genocide Jack is a murderous fiend who killed any man she found handsome. She murdered all of her victims by crucifying them with her Genoscissors. Her victims were also written about in the Genocide Jack's secret book. In one of her free time events, she revealed that her very first victim was her/Toko's first love, one of her elementary school classmates who moved to Shikoku.

She states Toko's life in a repressed modern society caused her to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder, which created Jack as an expression of Toko's repressed emotions. In Danganronpa Another Episode, Toko revealed that Genocide Jack was the result of her rough and often neglectful home life.
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⭐︎Name: Ash

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Soul Collector

⭐︎Age: 20

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Neither really but technically psycho

⭐︎Birthday: March 20

⭐︎Height: 6' 7

⭐︎Weight: 180

⭐︎Sexuality: Straight

⭐︎Abilities: Teleportation, transformation, healing, tracking, sword skills, memory wipe to name a few

⭐︎Marital Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: Dirty blonde

⭐︎Eye Color: ranges from army green to deep ocean blue

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): American

⭐︎Blood Type: O-

⭐︎Parents: Dead

⭐︎Past Careers: Cop

⭐︎Likes: A good hunt/fight

⭐︎Dislikes: People who hurt or kill children and women

⭐︎Strengths: Angelic powers and charisma

⭐︎Weaknesses: Family

⭐︎Bad Habits: saving people

⭐︎Killer Status: no one knows its me

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: lost count

⭐︎Targets(if any): none yet

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): Parents and siblings were murdered while I was forced to watch I broke free and killed the man and never stopped killing after that, no one knows how many kills ive made, I work as a soldier for hire most of the time. Favorite method of killing= turn into a dog follow my prey around and get close to them, they let me in their home they don't wake up the next morning
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German Shepard runs between your legs causing you to fall haha

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⭐︎Name: Max Uhusa

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Phoenix

⭐︎Age: 150 years old but appears 15 ages 10 years every 1 year

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: psychopath but keeps it hidden until someone pisses him off

⭐︎Birthday: july 24

⭐︎Height: 5'7"

⭐︎Weight: 100 lbs

⭐︎Sexuality: straight

⭐︎Abilities: elemental manipulation, healing factor, enhanced reflexes and night vision

⭐︎Martial Status: single

⭐︎Hair Color: blonde when angry black with red streaks

⭐︎Eye Color: sky blue but when angry blood red

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): fluent in all kinds of languages

⭐︎Blood Type: O+

⭐︎Parents: deceased

⭐︎Past Careers: bounty hunter

⭐︎Likes: sushi, music, magic, cooking, birds, and cherry blossoms

⭐︎Dislikes: flashing lights (like strobes), fighting, and disrespect

⭐︎Strengths: can move faster then the human eye, survive getting impaled through the heart, use the main 4 elements and lift a ship the size of a cruse ship

⭐︎Weaknesses: can be driven mad, strobe lights leave him stunned, can be tricked into fighting for the other side and is highly sensitive to electricity

⭐︎Bad Habits: fidgets a lot

⭐︎Killer Status: dangerous at all angles

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: killing, stealing, arson, etc. but wasn't caught

⭐︎Targets(if any): prefers to go after criminals

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): unknown
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⭐︎Name: Riu Hidachi

⭐︎Killer Nickname: Thorn

⭐︎Age: 18

⭐︎Psychopath or Captured Human?: Psychopath

⭐︎Birthday: June 3rd

⭐︎Height: 4'12"

⭐︎Weight: 96lbs

⭐︎Sexuality: Straight

_⭐︎Abilities: Killing with her Bow and Arrow _

⭐︎Martial Status: Single

⭐︎Hair Color: Neon Blue

⭐︎Eye Color: Green and Dark Green

⭐︎Language/Accent(If one): Japanese

⭐︎Blood Type: O

⭐︎Parents: Dead

⭐︎Past Careers: Worked at a Weapons store

⭐︎Likes: Guns, Knives, Killing the Innocent, Video Games, and Animals

⭐︎Dislikes: Rude People, Mean People, Bullies, and Cruel People

⭐︎Strengths: Killing the innocent

⭐︎Weaknesses: Seeing her family...dead

⭐︎Bad Habits: She tends to cut her wrist

⭐︎Killer Status: Very Well known

⭐︎Crime Coefficient: 94.7

⭐︎Targets(if any): Shinami

⭐︎Story/Bio(Can not be empty): When she was small she had been placed in a orphanage and left alone for the rest of her life a by her mom and dad who hated her guts and one day when I grew up just as I regular kid I broke out of the orphanage and went on a killing spree going insane like hell and laughing insanely and then I stopped blood all over me as I licked my lips and hummed skipping down the street people scared and calling the cops but they never caught me
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