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You've been walking for a long time. Actually it might've been a short time. Actually it could've been a medium time, too, you don't remember. 

You do remember that you were with someone. Someone important, in fact. And that someone was a she, and you think you might've like liked that she.

Actually you distinctly remember making out with her on a frog-cloning machine about 7 hours ago. It was probably fun. 

Yeah that's what was happening. For some reason the time between then and now is really fuzzy. It's like there's a blue caterpiller stuck in your brain, and it came as soon as you landed on this weird place.

There was screaming too, you think maybe. 

Anyway you don't know where you are now or what's going on or what are all the weird ghosts of your mom running around, but you know that you're walking across the 420 yard line, and you've got a pounding headache.

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Sveven Aldera
13 sweeps old
Owned a casino on Alternia

Chumhandle: eclecticEccentric
Blood and text color: Peasant Red
Strife Specibus: Dartkind
Fetch Modus: Slot Machine. Makes things kinda difficult. Honestly you rather use your pockets.

First Prototype: Poker Chip
Second Prototype: Dead crocodile and alligator tied together

Title: Heir of Blood
Planet: Land of Concrete and Lynchings
Consorts: Alligators and Crocodiles (at war)
Denizen: Persephone
Derse Dreamer

Likes bow ties, a neat room, and being awful to people who deserve it
Dislikes when the toilet paper is on the roll wrong

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Suppose I can accept this invitation.  I have no fan characters as of yet, though.

Before I join one question... what is HomeStuck

This is an awesome idea.

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