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Good morning Awe-Inspirers, and welcome to our new members. 

New members, you are welcome to share an update to introduce yourself. You can use the Category "Member Profiles" and also view Profiles of the other members in that category. Those of us who have been here for a while might also like to provide an updated profile post, sharing what's new in your world. 

We've set up this community to help Australian businesses build their Google + networks, share knowledge and get questions answered.  Stop by anytime to ask questions and share issues and info that's relevant to the community.

Thursday is your opportunity to promote your business, share special offers, and generally invite others to engage with you on your own pages. 

Have fun, and I look forward to getting to know you . 


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How I created my new business brand and moved from a writer's portfolio to a small business website. A must read for anyone wanting to do the same! #branding #webdesign #Squarespace #smallbiztips

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Hi all, I'm an Australian writer, content and web designer and small biz blogger, currently based in Laos. I help small businesses and freelancers with digital marketing and "all that online stuff". This is my site -

Looking forward to chatting with you all :)

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Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) tracks the inwards and outwards movements through a series of stock control reports. Our warehouse is fully zoned so we're able to pin point where goods are at any time. #warehouse #warehousing   #stockcontol   #3pl   #contractpacking   #wms  

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I run an international business from an app on my smart phone that is helping 1000's of people
Are you broke as in really broke?
Have you been looking for ways to pay the bills...
Pay your rent?
Pay your medical fees?
Start a business?
Buy a house?
Buy that car?
Even start a business?
.....just name it
There exists a business opportunity that can meet all your needs. Ask me about it.
Comment "tell me" below or inbox me.


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Don’t let your desire for justice blind you to what is in your own best interests

Bullying at work sucks, it really does. When its entrenched (as it often is) it takes a lot of time, effort and persistence to change the culture of the workplace. But that does not mean that the victim is always the one to fix it.

I am all for social responsibility, activism and campaigning for change, but not when it is to your own detriment. If you are a strong person with the fortitude to go through with all the necessary steps to bring a case in Fair Work or with Workcover, by all means go for it, but be aware of the toll it will take on you, your family, your co-workers, and your life in general, not the mention the amount of time and money you could spend on pursuing this.

It is not always up to you to be the hero, to fight for justice. It’s ok to be selfish and to do what’s best for you. Getting away from a rubbish manager or an immovable bully is a valid option, and the thing with options is, you get to decide which one you take.

Read the full srticle on the blog - follow the link below.

Happy Awesome To Follow Tuesday!

Who is rocking your work this week? Today is the day to share links to soemone elses's page or feed. 

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