Hello fellow gamers!

I'm a moderator of the Gamers Unite community.

I just wanted to ask of you to invite your friends. Me and +RFC Gaming​ have big and I mean BIG hopes for this community's future. And we don't always like inviting random people ourselves because of the past incident that caused the temporary close. So please invite people you know follow community rules. Thanks! :)

Due to possible spammers and rule-breakers, this community had to temporarily be closed. If you were removed, you will get a new invite.

Welcome to Gamer's Unite! A community for gamer's of all types. Here we share our favorite games and systems without judgement and must have respect for each other. As a gamer, we all love games from the early 1930's to the future of 2014 gaming systems. We either play a BUNCH of games, or play when you have time. So whatever generation of console you play on, this is the place for you! 

Thank you, and have a very good day!  \◕‿◕/
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