Whats up with TaskEasys online page? A few weeks ago I tried changing my email address and after saving changes the account page would still show the old address. I tried 5-6 times and gave up. A day later I get an email from taskeasy that my email has been updated. Ok..... weird. I confirmed immediately I could log into the website and app using the new email and all checked out.

Today I went to log into the app and my email (which I'm getting notifications for service at) no longer works. So I try logging in with the old email and I got in. I looked at my account and the email address has reset to the old email I changed weeks ago.

I go to contact support and it says their getting high call volumes ( I called a few months ago and same messages) so I go to the online chat and get a message no one is currently online and to leave a message.
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