I work in  White Rock and surrounding areas of   Vancouver Lower Mainland and the  Fraser Valley.   I  have been in the Real Estate  business in one form or another  for almost 20 years. I look forward to sharing ideas and continue to learn and  grow in the vast and ever changing  Real Estate  business.

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Hey guys. If anyone is interested I'm hosting a webinar today.

 How to Launch & Grow your Brand Internationally.
Sign up to earn about the unspoken new trend of growing your clientèle.
Tuesday Apr 16 11amPST/7pmGMT

Recording will be provided to everyone who signs in. 


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Just updated the advertising algorithm to display Ads on www.BarterKick.com - would highly appreciate if you have any suggestions for this service.

BarterKick is a collaborative platform to help people/startups/organisations advertise online without spending money.

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My website for collaborative online advertising platform to help new businesses to gain market.

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Following some user feedback on my website, I am pleased to announce the following enhancements in barterkick:
- an analytics page to see the number of impressions and clicks per ad
- banned words will not be allowed while creating ads

Barterkick is an free online advertising platform that I created to allow startups and website developers to advertise freely in a collaborative way.

If you find this service useful, please feel free to share it with your friends. The primary aim is help people collaborate and help each other.

Also feel free to share your comments on the service.

Could we make this group private please? I see it as public so are posts are shown.

This may seem a silly question but here it goes. I need to post a vacancy for someone responsible to market my product/service along with finding potential clients for my startup. What is the post for this kind of work, for example, is it sales manager?

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any one in NJ/NY/PA area and can help me share my upcoming workshop?http://www.meetup.com/Get-Found-Online-and-Book-More-Clients-for-your-business/ thank you

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Hello everyone, I think this is the best place to share my idea. I have created a platform for free collaborative advertising. I usually use google adwords for my advertising but it costs a lot and I don't have that kind of money!! So I came up with this idea of collaboratively advertise for others, while others advertise for me. Its a platform which I think will be useful for anyone who wants to create awareness for his/her idea.
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